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you are not wasting life

5 Profound Signs You Are Not Wasting Life but Waking Up

There is a point in our lives when we finally wake up and look back at our lives wondering where did all the time go. The problem isn’t that we wouldn’t have enough time but instead that we waste our lives.

We spend time doing meaningless things that don’t bring us any good or which even harm us. We’re afraid to say what we mean and do what we want. We get surrounded by people who bring us down, and we think that we have to keep them as friends.


When you stop wasting your life, you find the deep power inside to bring your dreams to fruition.

You stop telling yourself excuses, and you finally tell yourself the truth which is that you can create anything you want.


You have the capabilities, power, and guidance to let go of meaningless things and instead start shaping your life in a form that inspires you and others. There is no worse thing than wasting life.

At one point, I also lived in an unconscious way or better said I was scared to do the changes that I knew I needed to do to be happy. I was paralyzed by fears and by opinions of people in my life. This kept me in a state that I would sometimes rather forget. Yet, I’m grateful for the excellent lesson it taught me which is not to waste my life.

I learned how fears and negative thinking keep us stuck, and so we’re living lives of someone else instead. I don’t know any greater pain than this.

Therefore, I have devoted many years to learning what keeps us stuck, why it is so difficult to change negative patterns, and why we have these insane fears in our minds. I needed to heal my mind and then share what I’ve learned with my friends, family, clients, so I could then share it with all of you in my new book Become a CEO of Your Mind.

I did wake up and got clarity in my mind. It doesn’t mean that I never have negative thoughts anymore. It does happen sometimes.

Yet, the frequency is much less often, and more importantly, nowadays I know how to deal with it. It takes devotion, determination, and courage, but it’s worth it. I share what I learned and what works for me in the book with you.

I hope that you’ll create freedom for yourself to follow your dreams. I believe that it’s our primary responsibility on this planet to embody our souls fully and completely.

No one knows what the right path for you is; this answer can be only found within your heart.

Yet, I hope that you’ll find the inner strength to follow it sooner rather than later. I’m sure that there will be many times in your life when you wake up.

(PS. If you haven’t found your life calling yet, you can have a look at the online course that can help you.)

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Signs you are not wasting life


1. A wake-up call

You begin to ask yourself more in-depth questions and read books on spirituality. This is a very beautiful stage as everything is new and makes to expand more and we feel lighter.

Yet, it may also be a state of confusion. There are many contradictory ideas and advises.

At this point, about 19 years ago, one of my greatest struggles was whether we should let things go and allow them to happen naturally, or should we be proactive and make them happened.

I was caught for many years in this dilemma. Yet, as it is the case with most of the things, the contradiction appears only on the surface. 


2. Trying to save others

We begin to discuss what we’ve learned with others. Such as a small three-year-old kid, we too, go to test our boundaries and things we have learned.

When we talk with friends, siblings, and parents and try to make, them change their perspectives. Sometimes, we push them to improve or understand our truth. Often, this can result in conflict.

I have witnessed this and experienced myself so many times. Since we’re waking up, we want to wake up others too.

In this stage, our relationships can change as we start to push others to change. The deep reason behind trying to save others is that we want desperately save ourselves. This is a cleaning purifying stage.


3. Even deeper wake-up call

We usually experience something to wake us up at an even deeper level. This can take any form of being heart-broken, financially broken, or be ill.

Yet, experiencing inconvenient challenge isn’t necessary if we listen to our feelings and we’re willing to change our lives.


However, if there is anything we hold onto, or where we keep major hurtful illusion, it’ll be taken from us.


This is a very challenging stage and will take as long as we hold onto something.


4. Time to reorganize life

After we’re even more opened and purified than before, we go into the next stage. At first, we can feel disoriented because we think that something precious was taken from us.

It can also be a stage when we feel a little stuck as we need time to rest and mentally re-organize our thoughts. Sometimes, we lose the desire to read spiritual books or talk about spirituality.

This is actually a good sign as there is the time when we stop following others and start looking for inner truth. The purpose of this stage is to reorganize our lives and bring into practice what we have learned.


5. Your life calling

We begin to know our life calling without the shadow of a doubt. The calling is our major life challenge which we have been preparing for since we were born.

Knowing our calling, naturally results in a deep desire to share it with others. This may trigger other fears which come up as we want to stop hiding. All unhealed thoughts will try to keep us stuck once again. As before, we yet have to go through this layer and purify our minds.

Challenges and triggers will continue so we can heal and bring to the light anything that needs to be returned to the truth. So, be gentle with yourself as you go through these stages. This is not a competition, although your mind will try to make you compare yourself to others.

This is your life and your unique path of growing and learning. Although, your life calling might be the same with someone else, the way you express it is unique to you. Nourish it and honor it since your path makes you unique.

You can watch my TEDx talk on How to Find Your Life Purpose here. 

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