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3 Crucial Steps to Take Responsibility for Your Life

When you take responsibility for your life, then things start moving in the right direction. By stop running from responsibility, you change the way you think about your life and yourself.

Instead of feeling a victim of circumstances, try to think about everything in the way that you’ve chosen it. Don’t give away the power of your thoughts. Your reality might not be as you want it yet, but you have first to understand that it is you who created it. Instead of blaming others tell yourself that you are responsible for everything in your life. Take your power back.

Take responsibility for your life

Take responsibility for your life means that you live like you really mean it. You don’t waste your precious energy and time pondering about what could have been and future-tripping.

Your center of power is in the present moment, and you look at each of your life areas with open eyes.


No sugar-coating. Just you, the truth about where you’re at in your life, and what needs to be changed.

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1. No blame

Let’s say that you’re at a family dinner and after not even half an hour someone pushes your buttons. It’s again the same family member who is always teasing you and belittling what you say.

You get mad and ask yourself why this stupid person must do this again. You blame the family member for being ugly at you. And even for showing up at the dinner. 🙂

How does taking control in this situation look like?

Realize that it was you who chose to come and you also could guess that this person will push your buttons. You’ve chosen to show up there anyway. It’s also your decision about how you react.

When you take responsibility for your life, you see the situation clearer. You understand what your options are. When you take your inner power back, you stop seeing yourself as a victim.

But you rather think more like; I can see that this person is very likely doing this, am I allowing it? Is bothering me? What options do I have here?


2. It’s in YOUR control

When you take responsibility for your life, you recognize that you’re the architect of your happiness.

It’s so liberating to take the responsibility and not wait for someone to help you or for the situation to change. You don’t need to wait for anyone.


If something doesn’t work, accept it, and figure out another way. Don’t stop the motion.


It’s much better to accept a negative situation than to complain and worry about it. When you accept it, you take control over what is going on in your life, and you decide what is next.

Sure challenges happen. But it’s up to you whether you allow it to stop you or you learn from it.


3. Develop a new mindset

I have a good tip for you which definitely helped me. When you’re in some situation that you don’t like, tell yourself that you’ve chosen it.

I know that it may sound strange at first, but if you approach any situation as you’ve created and chosen it, then you unleash the hidden power to change it.

We cannot change what we don’t want to see and what we don’t “own.” You have to learn to own any situation like you’re meant to be there and like you mean it. Just try it for a week or at least a day, and you’ll see how free you’ll feel.

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