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the difficult times in life

How to Deal with the Difficult Times in Life?

Do you struggle with difficult times in life right now? Then know that in every difficult situation, we can learn lessons that will enrich our lives. Perhaps, you can’t see right now what the lessons are, but you’ll if you shift the way you see the situation.


How to Get through Difficult Times?

When you’re going through difficult times in life, try to shift your focus FROM the situation TO the lessons. Although we’re not here to suffer, our soul wants to grow, and therefore it often guides us to what appears to be difficult times. This is how the soul can help us master certain lessons and expand our consciousness, and ultimately, enhance our lives.

Sometimes the lessons are painfully earned, and learning feels long, but we always grow. Yes, it’s true that if we don’t get the lesson, we have to repeat the “class” called hardship until we understand what the situation was meant to teach us. But it’s us who decide how painful or enjoyable the learning will be.

We’re all here learning lessons of life to help our soul grow and collect specific experiences. This includes all the situations – what we call positive or negative. Sometimes we need a louder wake-up call, so we don’t miss the lesson again.

From the soul perspective, it doesn’t matter (so) much whether your life will be difficult; the soul instead cares whether you’ll grow internally – whether you become a better person.

When we face challenges, we make them harder than they are because of our attitudes. Each time something seemingly negative happens, we feel like the world is against us. We believe that we don’t have good luck and that others are more fortunate than us. Yet this attitude brings us pain.

When we believe that life happens to us, we begin to feel like victims of situations. With this kind of mindset, it’s difficult to understand the lesson of a particular situation. It’s like putting blinders on refusing to see the truth – which is the case that it happens for us. Always.


Life happens for you because you’re its director and you’re the one who has selected lessons to experiences.

Welcome to the Mystery School

Step onto a journey of remembering, initiation, and integrating your soul’s wisdom across lifetimes.

You have chosen what you want to understand and in what areas you wish to grow. The fact that you don’t remember this choice doesn’t make it less real.

What else would you be doing here than becoming a better person? There is nothing else that can satisfy us than being pure and peaceful within. We all have the same goal, getting there by different means.

Each of us has the same value, but each of us is also unique. The uniqueness lies in our different gifts, life perspectives, and even in what we had already learned. The soul always navigates us to the best learning options based on how conscious we are.

Therefore every single situation happens for you. Learn how to trust life and how to trust that you’re being guided – because you are.


How to Deal with the Difficult Times in Life?

Learn to deal with challenging times by shifting your perception. A good way to start is changing the belief that life happens TO you. And learn instead to see that life happens FOR you.

Sometimes it may seem that you’re unfortunate when you develop an illness. But what if, in reality, your body sends you signals to stop before something more serious would happen to you? What if you need to relax so you can regain clarity of your mind? What if it’s time for you to stop and look at your life and where you are heading?

When someone you love leaves you or don’t love you back, believe that it happens for you and to you. Why would you want to stay with someone who doesn’t appreciate your inner beauty? What would bring you making someone who doesn’t love you to stay? What if he or she must leave you so the right person can step in? What if your idol would turn in a psychopath later on?

When you get fired, also believe that life happens for you. Now, you’re free to do things that you’ve always wanted. You can pack up your things and go to travel. Or you can start your own business so you can become free.

Every situation happens for us. Of course, we don’t always see what is positive in it and what the lesson is. If we had known it, we wouldn’t need those challenges in the first place. But learn to trust that the life happens for you and you’ll learn and grow much faster!

You can always turn your greatest pain into the greatest power.

This article is based on my latest book: Become the CEO of Your Mind.

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