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How to Turn Your Greatest Pain into Greatest Power?

You CAN turn your greatest pain into your greatest power. I know that it might be difficult to grasp, but our greatest pains are opportunities for us to crack our hearts wide open – which is a good thing.

Our deepest pain is a gateway to our soul.


It’s only when something hurts so much, and we have nowhere to hide that we tap into the being who we truly are. There is immense strength in staying present with the pain and accepting it.

The pain is a gift in our life to connect with the greatest gifts that we have to offer to people around us.

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How to Turn Your Greatest Pain into Your Greatest Power?

I have always been interested in spirituality. When I was young, more than thinking about clothes or gossip about other people, I pondered God.

I couldn’t stop asking myself why we’re here on this planet. Another of my reoccurring thoughts was why people weren’t happy. I wanted to understand why people experience drama and pain in their lives.

Sure enough, I also had shallow discussions with friends. The reason behind my superficial talks was that I wanted to look like a normal girl because I’ve noticed that I made people feel insecure about my ”weird” questions.


Some said that I was too deep.


Indeed, I don’t satisfy with answers that don’t touch my heart. Only then, I know that I’m connected to the truth. I want to experience this life fully and deeply. I need to feel connected to existence.


Nevertheless, there were times, when I feared to be different.


Later on, I wasn’t given much choice with what I studied – I was expected to be successful based on external standards. My decisions were based on what others wanted me to do.

So I studied law, two masters in Business and International Trade & Globalization only to admit to myself that I didn’t want to walk this path at the end of my studies.

Better said, I couldn’t do it anymore. I know that I can become good at working for some corporation. But it isn’t my life’s calling. It isn’t what I was born here to do.

Through a deep pain that started in 2011, I couldn’t ignore who I was any longer. Everything that I was doing lost its meaning for me. I was asking myself, what was the point of doing what others wanted me to do if it made me deeply unhappy.

Many of us are affected by the expectations of others. Sometimes we may not realize it because we want to convince ourselves that we want it for ourselves, too.

But deep inside we know that we walk a life path that has little to do with our heart’s desires. I know many people with beautiful visions and gifts who out of fear stay working in big corporations so that they meet the standards of the outside world.

Slowly, I realized that I didn’t want to walk the path that others selected for me.


My Deep Pain Opened my Heart

My pain made me stop running from what I’ve always known that I wanted to do.

Now it’s my calling to help others to open their hearts and connect with their souls. I know that we all have inner beauty behind any measures. I know that we carry something so precious and beautiful that it’s worth the effort under all those pains.

We don’t need to be running away from pain. It’s here to make our lives deep and real.

We have such a beautiful depth inside us. I’m so moved and inspired by people who face their pain and share their beautiful gifts with others.

I want to inspire you and help you to face your greatest pains because I know – without the shadow of a doubt – that you’ve ever wanted waits for you on the other side of fear.

In the next two articles, I want to walk you through the lives of two inspiring men who have transformed their pain into their life mission.

Ream, my memoir, FIND YOURSELF and let it transform your life.

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