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How to Make Resolutions Stick

Tips on How to Make Resolutions Stick

During the first week of January, people pick up new hobbies and join a gym. Everyone talks excitedly about their new resolutions only to give them up a week after.

Did you know that by the 15th of January most of the people give up their New Year’s Resolutions? But actually, I believe that it’s already earlier.


Why is it so difficult to make resolutions stick?

The problem is what we choose as resolutions in the first place. Majority of people choose what they think that they should do and not what they want.


No one has such a strong will to continue creating a new habit if they don’t really want it.


Many people aren’t happy, and they wait for special moments to change their lives. As if the 1st of January would be more special than any other day. But is it really so?

Or did we just train ourselves to sooth the unhappy feeling inside with conviction that one day in future will miraculously change everything?

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So how to make resolutions stick?

In order to make resolutions that stick, we must choose what we WANT to change or do. Without the inner fire, there will be no progress and no consistency.

I know that it’s tempting to wish for changes that we think we should want but if it isn’t matched with a burning desire then, of course, we can’t stick with it.


Naturally, we’re all terrible with following things that we don’t want to do.


We stick with things that we should only if the punishment for not doing it is too big like considering to leave your job when you have a family to take care of. In this situation, the “punishment” for leaving your job is that you put your family into a potential financial risk so it’s less likely that you’d take that risk and jump. We often don’t do what we want because the risk is too high.

If you decide to quit sugar but you’re very addicted on sweets and have no health issues then it isn’t a strong enough motivation to say no when your friend offers you a piece of your favorite chocolate. The addiction feels stronger at the time of making a decision.


If we keep choosing things that seem right but are not coming from our hearts, then we’ll always disappoint ourselves.


With every broken promise that we make to ourselves, we lose confidence in our ability to create the life we want. This is the reason why choosing resolutions based on what we should is not wise. We might undermine our self-confidence and end up disappointing ourselves with another set of empty promises.

Choose resolutions based on what truly moves your heart. Something that matters to you – not something based on what you think that you should want. The strong burning desire will help you to continue in the rough times when challenges appear.


Challenges will show up to test your determination and help you to grow.


If you have a desire to create a yoga studio because you genuinely believe that yoga helps people to become more balanced and happy and you feel that this is your deep calling, then you’ll make sure to make it happen despite challenges.


Create a compelling vision

If you have a vision instead of a resolution list that reflects your standards and priorities, then you’ll find the energy to follow through.

A strong vision comes from knowing what makes sense for you and what YOU really want. Not your spouse, kids, colleagues, or friends. It should be only about your unique desires and deepest soul calling. I know that so many people get paralyzed by opinions of others.


But here is the truth, others don’t care about you so much as you might think.


And even if they would, after all, you’re the only person with whom you’re every single day of your life so make it count.

Create a lasting vision that is flexible but which comes from your burning desire. This is the only way how to change your life for better, and you don’t even need to wait for New Year to come.

Once you have a vision make sure to review it often so you focus your mind on what you want.

You can read more about it my article – Focus Your Mind to Achieve Any Goal.

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