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feeling your way to freedom

Feeling Your Way to Freedom – A Powerful Tool to Cope With Emotions

Learn how to cope with negative feelings is life-changing. Without us realizing it, our feelings and thoughts mold our experiences throughout the pilgrimage of life. Not knowing how to cope with feelings is one of the biggest problems we have. When we suppress our feelings, we create an imbalance in our lives and psyche which reflects in our actions.

When we find inner freedom and stability, we have the power to deal with anything. Yet, it’s common that our minds and negative emotions get into the way and we feel anxious. Thus I want to share with you one simple yet powerful tool to cope with a negative feeling.

A Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, has proven that thoughts, words, and emotions are powerful and influence our minds and lives.


An emotion (or feeling) is a frequency that carries specific energy.


These energies flow naturally in and out of our bodies and into our environment. The balance is dependent on this natural exchange of energy. Once, the flow gets stuck, the balance is disrupted.

The emotions usually don’t get unstuck by themselves. You have to create motion to make them flow again.

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How does the stuck emotion look like?

You can quickly recognize that there is a stuck emotion (energy) when you feel negative, irritated, sad, or have negative thoughts. You can also observe stuck feelings when you feel any tension or pain in your body.

The natural way of life is to keep the balance. Sometimes the body needs to restore the balance by creating a disease. Other times, the stuck energy shows up as a challenging moment. The problems are meant to help us face the suppressed emotions and thus make them move and flow again.


Feeling your way to freedom

One way to restore the balance is feeling your way through stuck emotions. Any suppressed feeling or thought keep showing up in our lives over again.

One of the common examples is when we repeat the same emotional drama in partnerships. One way to look at the drama is to think of it like your assignment to clear and let go of the underlying problem – the past cause. The unpleasant feeling informs us that there is a hidden fear that we’ve been ignoring.

When you try to feel the negative feeling, first few seconds it may feel unbearable. But then the intensity (stuck energy starts to flow) decreases until the point when you feel liberated and happy.

Whatever the feeling is, stay with it. Without any judgment or jumping into a story in your head. Feel into what you were hiding from own sight and dive into the emotion entirely. Imagine that it surrounds you. Don’t think anything about it and just feel it.

Continue feeling it as long as there is something to feel. Until you reach peace and you will feel free. At that moment you healed old wound and emotion. You restored the balance in the particular area. You can do it with any emotion regarding any problem. Make the energy move and flow, so you feel free.

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