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how to make decisions for yourself that you won't regret

3 Simple Questions to Make Decisions For Yourself

How do you make decisions for yourself that you won’t regret? Making the right decisions is an art. It doesn’t come easily to most people. Yet, life is a collection of decisions. We can’t avoid making them, so it’s worth learning how to improve our choices to enhance our quality of life.


Why Is Making Decisions for Yourself Challenging?

Making decisions for yourself can be challenging because every choice is a reflection of who we are. Decisions have the power to switch our timelines and help us become the person of our dreams. They can also make us move backward toward the person we’ve already outgrown. They have the power to change the trajectory of our lives, but how many times do we consciously utilize this gift?

Learning to make decisions for yourself is crucial because it’s where you use your free will. Much has been said about free will. But when you think about it, it’s our greatest tool. You may find yourself in a similar adverse situation as someone else, but by using your free will, you can choose to flip it around.

You may not necessarily have an impact on what happened to you. Some things occur no matter what; they’re predestined. But your free will offers you the freedom to choose how you respond. And that shapes your character and the stories you tell yourself about who you are. And those stories create your destiny.

I highly recommend this article if you want to learn more about free will and destiny.

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How to Make Decisions For Yourself

If you don’t trust yourself to make decisions for yourself that you won’t regret, it’s time to change it. Since decisions reflect who you are and you can’t ever escape yourself, you can’t escape making choices. Of course, you can outsource your decisions to someone else, but then you never reach your potential. The limits of the people you’re asking for advice become your limits. And your life path merges with theirs.

One reason it’s hard to make decisions for yourself is because you haven’t been taught how to trust yourself. Since we were children, other people evaluated us and judged our moves, and there was little compassion for growth. To make decisions for yourself, you won’t regret them; you need to practice. Think of yourself like a baby who is learning to master the decision-making process. Be gentle with yourself and be okay with making mistakes. With an open mind, you can always learn from so-called errors and turn them into strengths.

So, let’s look at how to make decisions for yourself.

1. Energy Generation or Leakage

The first piece of advice when making decisions for yourself is to see whether the choice brings you energy or leaks it. Ideally, we want to avoid anything that leaks our energy because it generates no value. Even though there are some things you think you must do, is it true? Sometimes, there are other solutions you haven’t considered. Or by shifting your attitude toward the situation, your energy stops leaking. Life is too precious to be involved in a web of situations that leak your energy.


If something leaks your energy, it’s likely not a good choice.


On the other hand, if something brings you more energy, it’s the right thing. When you feel your energy increasing while imagining one option, it’s a sign that the decision opens up a new space with opportunities. This choice brings something new that is aligned with you. You can imagine all the possible scenarios and notice if it generates or leaks energy.


Will this choice generate more life force energy for me or leak it?


If you want to learn how to identify and seal your energy leaks, check out my masterclass, where I dive deep into this topic.


2. Let Your Body Tell You

The second tool to help you make decisions for yourself is to observe how each choice makes you feel. Similarly to the previous step, imagine all possible scenarios of your decision and notice what it feels like once it’s done. Your feelings operate on the astral level, allowing you to preview the energetics of what the choice brings you.


What does it feel like once you have it? 


If something feels light and expansive, it’s your right decision. On the other hand, if it feels heavy and you notice some tension in your body, it’s not. Thus, the only thing to notice is whether it feels like it opens up a new space and it’s light or heavy. If it feels light and then heavy after a while, it’ll be good, but then there will be some complications.

When using this tool to make decisions for yourself, observe the sensations and feelings in your body. Try not to make yourself feel something you think you should feel. Practice this with simple choices before you grow confident and apply it to bigger decisions.


3. Who Do You Become Once You Have It?

The last tool to learn to make decisions for yourself is to imagine how the decision changes you. Every choice shifts your sense of identity. You can think of decisions as a doorway to a new version of yourself. Eating chocolate every day eventually creates the identity of a person who eats chocolate and can’t help it. If you decide to move to a country, your self-concept changes completely.

Remember when I said that every choice reflects who you are? Here, I add that it also reflects who you are becoming. Think of it like stepping through a threshold to a new version of you. Who do you want to become as a result of this decision?

Likewise, we can face choices that don’t allow us to become the best version of ourselves. In that case, the choice makes you reaffirm an aspect you have outgrown and doesn’t serve your highest good.

To make decisions for yourself, you won’t regret; imagine who you become with any options you’re facing. Do you like the person you could become or not? If you don’t, then trust there is a better decision.


P.S. I also share a bonus tip in my related video on YouTube (which you can find above)


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