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29 Profound Questions to Ask When You Set Intentions

Take time to set intentions for your future before the end of the year. Intentions create an energetic pathway for your goals and dreams to manifest.

Some people rush through life without thinking about where they’re going. This opens up many parallel windows through which your energy disperse. As a result, you may not achieve what you wanted. Or you manifest it only partially.

Therefore, when you find time to set intentions, you create an energetic blueprint for your future. It’s like building a house. You need to start with having a plan.

When you set intentions, you’re more likely to stay motivated in the long run. Intentions should come from within you. Not from the outside. You’re the master of your life and the steward of life force energy pulsating through you.

To set intentions before 2020, find a quiet place, and let your inner teacher come forth. There is a part of you that contains the answers to all your questions. Let the higher consciousness to guide you.

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Set Intentions Before 2020

For the following questions to work the best, try to empty your mind of any expectations. First, answer the following questions and then reread them and underline what resonates with you the most. Then set intentions for the upcoming year based on your answers.

1. Vision

To set intentions, you need to have a vision of the person you want to become. Close your eyes and see your future desired self in vivid details. Observe your ideal self and see what they’re doing, how they look like, and what energy emanates from them.

What person do I wish to become?

How can I grow into my ideal self?

What energy do I want to embody?

If I were the person that I know I can be, how would my life change?

What is standing between my ideal self and me?

How could I narrow down that gap?

What kind of lifestyle do I need to create to support the new me?

2. Growth

The second step to help you set intentions is to focus on the areas of your growth. Some behaviors support the person you wish to become while others sabotage it. It’s time to see what you need to change, tweak, or let go of completely.

Whenever you’re near a breakthrough, what happens? Do you make the jump, or do you sabotage yourself?

What are the behaviors that have held me back in the past?

In which ways do I sabotage myself?

What is the time for me to let go?

Have I learned something in the past year that could help me to become my ideal self?

Who do I need to release from my life?

3. Success

After you set intentions, you also need to give yourself an honest chance to succeed. Think about some of your past accomplishments and try to get specific about the behaviors that had helped you to succeed.

What behaviors have helped me to succeed?

What mindset have I developed whenever I accomplished something?

How can I support myself?

What needs to happen for me to embrace my power?

Are there any specific mindset shifts that could help me become the best version of myself?

How can I nurture my body better?

When do I feel the most connected to the best version of myself?

What else is possible in my life that I have not yet considered?

Which people do I want to surround myself with?

4. Mindset

Our mindset can skyrocket our growth, or it can slow everything down. By the age of 8, most of our mindset is already formed by our family, friends, and society.

Luckily, nothing is set into stone; it’s only deeply buried in our subconscious mind where we can access the knowledge that runs our lives to rewrite it.

When you set intentions, a couple of things happen:

  • You put your energy into motion, and it will start to restructure your life.
  • Other people will unconsciously feel your intentions, and they might have reactions to it. Some of them might be unpleasant.
  • Your subconscious mind will look into your past to search for scenarios that are similar to what you wish to achieve. If it doesn’t find the layout for how to make it happen, it will try to keep you in your comfort zone.

Therefore, whenever you set intentions, pay extra attention to your mindset. These questions will guide you to begin, but you’ll have to go deeper.

What are my thoughts and feelings about becoming the best version of myself?

Does it scare me? Or does it make me excited?

Which fears are coming up for me now?

What beliefs do I hold about my ability to achieve my goals?

How could I work on my mindset?

Can I make sure that this time, I WILL achieve what I want? If so, what would help me in making it happen?

What mindset do I need to develop to succeed?

Based on your answers, set intentions for the next year. Or for the next phase of your life.

It’s okay to take time to set intentions and come back to it until you feel that this is IT. The vision of your future should inspire you, so keep fine-tuning it until you’re aligned with it completely.

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