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How to Mature from Princess Archetype to Queen? 7 Levels of Initiation.

The Princess archetype acts sweet and innocent. She patiently waits for the Prince Charming, and she also expects others to do things for her. She has yet to learn to work with her inner power. She foolishly waits for someone or something to save her. Her potential is dormant until it’s awakened by a life crisis or tough, challenging time. Only then she has the opportunity to transform into the queen. But will she?

Whereas the queen is wise because she has learned from her own mistakes and has faced her inner demons. She has looked deep within herself and, as a result, she has become stronger. Her power doesn’t come from her credentials. Unlike the princess, the queen’s power is based on knowledge of her heart and mind. She has mastered the art of aligning her burning desires with her acts and clarity.

She no longer fantasies about the princess archetype she once used to cherish because unconsciously she was afraid of her power. The strong and wise queen is one of the most potent archetypes because there is nothing that can stop her.

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The 7 Levels of Maturing from Princess Archetype to Queen


1. Face the Challenge

The initiation from the princess archetype to queen begins when you hit rock bottom. For everyone, the bottom means something else. Yet you know without a shadow of a doubt that this is the moment of transformation.

The Universe makes it clear to you that you’re on the verge of the unknown. It urges you to face your hardships so you can begin to shape your own destiny.

At this stage, the most crucial thing is to welcome the change. It’s okay that it hurts. It always does. Crying rivers of tears are fine. It eventually stops. But, please, don’t try to go back to your old life. Because everything that you’ve ever dreamed of is on the other side of the veil. Once you lift it, you’ll see a new path forming itself in front of you. Trust the process.


2. Be Honest with Yourself

Once the initiation has started, there is no time for dishonesty. Being honest with yourself can be extremely difficult.

Suddenly, you might realize that you have to leave your boyfriend, who seems to be kind but you feel like dying alive next to him. You realize that you have a job that your parents have wanted you to have. But it’s not what you want. You might even meet a man who feels like you’ve been waiting for him forever. But then, as quickly as he came, he disappears. No matter how painful it can be, you have to keep peeling off one layer that has hardened around your heart after another.


3. Spend Time Alone

Not everyone can afford to travel or live alone. Yet in the middle of a transformation, the solitude is of the highest value. It could be more comfortable to ask your friends what you should do, but this is your inner process. Therefore, you have to get to know yourself. 

As you’re outgrowing the princess archetype and become a real queen, you need to learn to be be present with your thoughts and feelings. Don’t numb them by watching movies or shopping. Something beautiful is emerging within you; go forward to help it grow. Ask yourself difficult questions and get honest with the answers. Just you, your heart, and mind.


4. Be Creative

Every woman is creative by nature. You can see it from the way we arrange our homes and wardrobes to how skillfully we apply makeup. We like esthetic things because they nourish our creative nature.

During the transmutation from the princess archetype to queen, learn to express your authentic self. There is no need for perfection. The process itself is the moment of birthing new energy into your life.

There is only one right way to do it – set yourself free of expectations and unleash your inner wild self. Creativity will ground you and will give you new stronger roots. It will create a safe space that you can always return to.


5. Let Heart Lead Your Way

As any real princess, you’ve practiced being in your mind. Analyzing and overthinking what to say, how to dress, and if the guy likes you. You’ve already passed the exam on thinking.

Now is the time to ask your heart what it wants. You might be surprised that asking the heart cuts the decision process by days, sometimes months. You have all the answers right there at your disposal.

Being in your heart will gradually sweep away all the “shoulds” of your mind. You might be amazed that you want a different career than you thought. The more often you talk to your heart, the more courageous you become. From your arms will emerge two swords clearing the way to express your deepest essence.


6. Step into Your Power

As you move from the princess archetype to queen, you’ll be ready to align the mind and heart. As the experienced queen, you know that the wisdom of the heart is much greater than the knowledge of the mind.

You also know yourself better and thus have clear boundaries. No one can take you out of balance anymore – at least not for a long time. Through the connection with your creativity, you renew your burning desires – those that have never really left. Even if you’re an adult now, you still want the same things, and now you know that you can create them. Thus, the mind will protect your heart’s desires and pave the way to your dreams.


7. Build Your Queendom

As the queen, you feel complete and fulfilled. Living your dreams gives you wings and lights you up with joy.

Naturally, without you thinking about it, you ignite the same fire in others. You extend your energy to others. Your energy is healing and deeply nurturing. The queen is confident, self-aware, loving, and tough when needed. She builds her queendom by teaching others by her example. She walks her talk, not for others but herself, remembering and honoring everything that she has been through.

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