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Mr. Right not coming

Mr. Right Not Coming: Where Do You Lose Your Power?

Women all around the world believe in Prince Charming coming to save them on a white horse. They believe that after they meet him, their whole world will shift and change for better.

As women, we’ve been trained to believe that the prince charming will take care of us financially, mentally, he’ll ensure that we’re happy, and he’ll always help us with any challenges. Most importantly, we think that we’ll become fulfilled and together we’ll be 100 percent.

To put it shortly, after meeting the Prince Charming, we believe that our lives will (finally) take off.


Thru social conditioning, fairy-tales, women magazines, and movies, these lies have been implemented in every woman.

But here is the truth…

There is no one such as the Mr. Right coming to save you. 

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While waiting for him to come, you waste your time and energy. The way out of this concept is to realize that it keeps you in a disempowered position.

Since as you’re waiting for him, you don’t need to do anything for yourself.


When you’re waiting and just focusing on attracting the Mr. Right into your life, you give away your power and stop moving forward with your life.


Think about it for a moment. While waiting for him, you usually don’t want to do the essential things that would take you further in your life since you want to do all these things with him.

You might think: Why would you invest in your housing? Or why would you start on business when you feel insecure by yourself?

This is exactly what keeps him away from you and keeps you down and stuck.

Being dependent and needy is very unattractive state of being. It pushes away all the men, and it makes you feel like you’re useless and dis-empowered.


While it’s not our mistake that all these lies have been implemented in us, it’s our responsibility to stop believing in them.


Without wanting to go into great details, please know, that it’s one of the ways how to keep women dis-empowered and controllable.

We were wrongly taught that we should devote our lives to attracting the Mr. Right and then raise a family with him. With this mindset, it’s granted that we don’t follow our life calling.

Many women were taught to act like princesses who are helpless and incapable. This mindset also initiates and fuels the hatred and envy between women. It makes women go against natural attributes such as softness, open heart, and creative expression of themselves without the need to follow the latest fashion trends.

While searching for Mr. Right, we give responsibility for our behaviors in the relationship away. The only thing, women, controlled by this lies do is to check whether he fits the image or not. Thus, unconsciously, women seek only for mistakes on their partners and become unsatisfied and unhappy.

It also makes them being blind to own behaviors. Whatever they do isn’t so important as what the man does.

Thus, they can be moody, critical, or purposely silent. In their minds, they always find excuses for such behaviors as the only thing that matters is whether he is the Prince.

There could be whole books written on this topic. Believing in Mr. Right is damaging your relationship towards yourself and to your man, and all other men and women.


Such as a princess in the fairy-tales have to grow up one day to become queen, so do you if you want to create equal and fulfilled lives and relationships.

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