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Here is Why Not Let Others Define You

Don’t let others define you. During my life, I’ve seen many people living in fear of what others would think of them if they followed their souls. I’ve seen gifted healers flee from who they are because their families wouldn’t accept them. And I’ve met people with untapped talent and potential because of someone else’s expectations. And I get it. I know how it feels because I used to be one of those people – at least for a couple of years.


But here is a straightforward truth: others can’t walk your journey; only you can. Others can’t move through your challenges; only you can. And others can’t define your life unless you let them – because deep down, you’re afraid of your power. 


Don’t Let Others Define You

One of my core beliefs is that our life is between the soul and us. That’s it. A simple yet profound equation. This doesn’t mean that we aren’t considerate and compassionate with others. Quite the opposite. Because you hold a diamond within you. This diamond needs to have space and be nurtured to activate. When it activates, this diamond will also shine a light for other people. This healing light comes from the overflow of a person courageous enough to touch the depth of the soul. 


The unique diamond within you is meant to be shared with others. The whole world lights up when everyone uncovers and remembers their inner diamonds. But we can’t find those diamonds when we dance to the rhythm of someone else’s soul. 


Your gifts activate others. Your gifts, talents, and untapped potential are what others are waiting for. Therefore, what if the selfish thing is to hold your gifts from others? Life is like a tapestry – each of us adds the unique piece we’ve been safeguarding since the creation of time. It was designed this way to help each other remember and find the way back home.

Therefore, don’t let others define you. Because when we put their opinions on a pedestal, we get lost. We can’t hear the guidance from the soul. You didn’t come here to let others define you. Your soul didn’t choose this incarnation to sit in the corner of your life and see how it goes. No! Your soul has deep intentions. Your soul can guide you. And to guide you, the soul needs to clear away all the noise between you and the soul. The noise of others. The noise of the unconscious fears still holds you back.

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Trust Yourself through the Mistakes

One of the reasons you may let others define you is to avoid making mistakes. Since we’re children, we’re taught there is an external authority who knows better. And although this may be the case sometimes, you can’t hide from learning through mistakes. You’re the one who needs to take responsibility. Otherwise, you make your life experience someone else’s liability. And that’s never going to work.

We’re not here to avoid making mistakes; we’re here to embody the soul’s truest expression. It’s essential that you listen to your soul. Other people can be your guides, teachers, and soulmates, but you can’t put them where your soul should be. Yet there is a difference between someone telling you what you should do with your life and co-creating with others. One is the path to co-dependency and the other to sovereignty. Which one do you choose?

Co-dependency keeps everyone small. It makes others responsible for our happiness. It’s easy to outsource life choices to someone else. However, when you let others define you and your choices, you move away from your soul. We aren’t here to live in the smallness of the ego.

As children, we learned to avoid responsibility because we’d get punished for our mistakes. Thus we want to escape taking responsibility and making decisions. But without assuming responsibility for our life, we are just hiding. We don’t let others see our true selves. We’re just flirting with life unsure whether we want to get our hands dirty. But to plant a tree, you must put your fingers in the soil and do what’s needed.


What if you learned to trust and hold yourself through the mistakes you will make? 


Perfection doesn’t exist in duality. It’s just wishful thinking to avoid potential punishment for our choices. Perfection means stagnation. It’s okay to make a mistake and learn from it. When we learn from our mistakes, we have the authority over that situation, and next time, we know better. Instead of letting others define you, take the longer yet better road and connect with your soul and let the soul guide you.

Aligning with Other People’s Timeline

When you let others define you, you inevitably align with their timelines. Which usually is a waste of time, and it only takes longer to step into our full soul’s expression. Instead of aligning with our soul, we align ourselves with their soul’s expression. When you let others define you in a restrictive sense, it leads to stagnation and unhappiness.

On the other hand, when we lead our life from the soul and take quantum action, everything flows. We are on our highest timeline. This creates a powerful energy vortex between you, the soul, and the higher self. In this quantum energy, we’re so attuned to the frequency of our soul that we don’t even register anything restrictive. It instantly bounces off the vortex.

Answer intuitively:

Are you living on someone else’s timeline
Have you slowed down your soul’s frequency to match someone else’s life experience? 
Whom have you let define your life in a limiting way?


Your Life Doesn’t Have to Look Like Someone Else’s

Don’t let others define you and your life in a restrictive way. Because your life doesn’t have to look like someone else’s life. And it doesn’t have to feel and be experienced in similar ways others experience their lives. When we try to recreate the same life as someone else has, we are out of alignment with the soul. Of course, other people can inspire you, but never try to replicate their life. It’s like watching a beautiful flower; it inspires you. But the moment you rip it out, it starts dying. Suddenly it no longer inspires you because you’ve tried to own it. And what we try to possess will either flee, or we toss it away.

If your life was up to you, what you choose to do? Write a list of things that light up your soul.


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