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How to Let Your Past Go When It Feels Impossible

Have you ever wondered how to let your past go? We all have been through situations where we might feel like we’ve failed and should have done something different. Before I share with you one technique to let your past go, I want to stress that you have to understand its lesson to let something go truly. If you unconsciously create similar situations over again, then there is something you haven’t mastered yet.

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Quantum Door to Your Past

Has it ever crossed your mind that if you don’t let your past go, you still keep a quantum door open to the past event? When you think about your past, you energetically feed the past situation, which keeps it alive. It feels like you’re re-experiencing similar emotions, thoughts, and even situations because you’ve never let your past go.

Since we live in quantum reality, time really doesn’t exist. At least not in the linear way of thinking.


What we consider as our past is still taking place on a different timeline.


With your focus and energy, you can connect to any version of events from your past or future or alternative present moments. Your attention to a situation sends energy to it and strengthens it in your reality. With your energy, you create a time loop that connects you to the given person or situation, and you become selectively blind to anything else. However, it’s you who has created the loop that makes it challenging to let your past go.


We cast spells on ourselves and each other every minute of a day.


Let’s say that you can’t let go of a past relationship. In your mind, you still wonder what if. By playing out those scenarios, you’re splitting your energy and connecting your current self to alternative versions of events. Your mind is timeless, and your energy follows your focus. Unconsciously, you create many loops that send the energy to one scenario, which attaches you more to it. At the same time, you’re decreasingly less in the present moment, which disconnects you from your power.


Grieve Over Your Past Self

One of the ways to let your past go is to grieve over your past self. The ego aims to undo or change the past, which hinders your energy from moving forward in life. Likely, you’ve never allowed yourself to close the past properly and to grieve over it.


Without realizing it, you’re also grieving over the past self that you didn’t choose to become.


Every choice opens up a couple of new timelines in front of you. And you can decide to become a new version of yourself. Consciously or not, you’re always deciding who you’ll become in every moment – this decision determines your timeline.

Your alternative past self is the version of you you hadn’t chosen to embody, and still, you might wonder if it would have been a better choice. This alternative past self is like a shadow you’ve been carrying around with you and which makes it impossible to let your past go.


The alternative past self is created when:

  • You could have accomplished something, but you didn’t. Like starting own business, studying abroad, or choosing an athletic career.
  • You wonder who could you have become?
  • You wanted to save a relationship or be with someone, but for any reason, it didn’t happen.
  • You could have chosen a different school, job, or partner and wonder if it were better.


The way to let your past go and, together with it, all the alternative realities you’re carrying within you but no longer serve you is to grieve. Mourn over the versions of you that you hadn’t chosen. You have to allow yourself some time to spend with each of them and then let them go. This will help you to accept yourself and your past. Grieve over your relationships, moments you feel like you’ve messed up. Everything deserves a proper closing. If life didn’t bring it, you have to bring it to yourself.


In this video, I explain How to Let Your Past Self Go


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