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fear-based decisions

This Is Exactly How Fear-Based Decisions Limit You

Decisions are either driven by love or fear. The fear-based decisions always lead to the same place we once were. They limit our potential and possibilities. When making fear-based decisions, it’s like continually hitting the brick wall and wondering why it hurts.

Do you limit your opportunities because you are afraid to make a wrong decision? Well, I used to. I used to be so scared to make a wrong decision so that I rather avoided making any. Or I would make a decision which seemed like the most reasonable or probable to happen.

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An example of a fear-based decision

Luckily many years ago, I realized this pattern when I was going to an important meeting, but I did not want to go there. Not because I would not want to make a deal but because it would be too nice to be true. Sounds familiar?

When I took the train to get there, I started rationalizing why it is ok if it does not work out. I told myself, I have other opportunities. The ones that I am not too overly excited about but they seem fine.

In the end, I persuaded myself that it did not matter how the meeting would go. Then, I realized what I was doing. I limited myself even before I gave myself a real chance. Unintentionally, I already buried the opportunity with my fears.

I asked myself why I was limiting myself. The answer was clear –  the fear of making a wrong decision. My mind didn’t know what was better – the possibly life-changing opportunity which sounds too great to be true – or the quite good opportunity that is more realistic (with no big disappointment). Thus my mind instead eliminated one of them ahead.

When I became aware of this pattern, I stopped sabotaging myself.

Do you sometimes decide BEFORE something happens that it’s actually not going to work out because it would be too good to be true? Without giving it (and yourself) a proper chance that you deserve?

Did I want to have a day full of success? Or to create the day full of fear and failure? What kind of experience did I want to create on that given day? Or any day?

With what kind of vision do you wake up in the morning? What story of your life do you want to write?m


This is what I did instead of making a fear-based decision

I realized that the decision is about what kind of person I am in the situation than about the situation itself.

Thus, I chose my light shine through and be the person who I really am than a timid version of myself. I realized it is fine to have many opportunities (that work out) and then choose the best one. I’ve learned that I recognize the best choice based on if I feel love while doing it.

The best decisions are when I feel inspired and in the flow. When it allows me to grow and step out of the comfort zone. I also realized the importance of developing self-trust to choose the best option.


You do not have to focus on the result because it can be too overwhelming. Instead, focus on the experience itself. On the process. 


Bring your best self to the game and allow yourself to enjoy it. Allow yourself to be the amazing and glamorous person that YOU ARE. Allow yourself to open doors to new possibilities. Any time. Anywhere. In any situation. While knowing, you will recognize the right choice. It has been enough of limiting your opportunities ahead.

It is time to claim your greatness and empower you by putting your energy and positive focus on what you to experience.

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