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how to be vulnerable

The Art of How to Be Vulnerable

Have you ever asked yourself how to be vulnerable and be strong at the same time?

What is a vulnerability?

The vulnerability is a willingness to tear down the walls around your heart and give up the need to be right or to control other’s people decisions.

Closeness is a masterpiece of the ego that wants us to be isolated from one another. The ego offers you a false promise that when you don’t open your heart, you stay protected and nothing can harm you. Except, you’re already hurt and there is no chance to be healed without letting yourself to become whole.

Creating of the boundaries brings 2 results

When you set firm boundaries, nothing can go out but nothing can also come in. Thus You’re left alone with your wounds. The love that wants to heal you has to wait until you let it in. Fear of being vulnerable is like detaching yourself from the rest of the world.

When you fear of being vulnerable, you live in a bubble, full of pain, depression, unspoken words, tears that have never been cried, and self-pity. This bubble is getting bigger and more real as you continue to be isolated. You, literally, create own false world full of sadness and fear.

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When you fear of being vulnerable nothing can come into your life 


The first step of how to be vulnerable begins when you allow yourself to feel the full spectrum of your emotions. The second step is to stop isolating yourself from others. It doesn’t mean that you have to share your thoughts and feelings with anyone, but it’s safe to build your tribe.

There is a very good reason why there are other 7 billion people in the world. If you were meant to live alone, you wouldn’t probably choose to live on this planet.

Others can help you heal if you let them. No one was meant to be in the pain alone or to feel separated. It’s only an effort of the ego to separate us, feel powerless and endangered. The ego promises you to save you and give you a false sense of control if you let the walls around your heart.


By listening to the voice of the ego, you miss the point of relationships and the opportunity to heal. You’ll never understand that the vulnerability is the greatest gift.


Every life experience is the opportunity to learn something new about yourself and to become more of the greatness that you’re.

Moment by moment, you have a chance to open and to understand that you’re being vulnerable for yourself. 

People come and leave your life. No one can stay forever. The only one who stays is you. That’s why healing yourself should be your highest priority. If you open little by little, you’ll discover new aspects of yourself; you’ll expand and become more of who you’re inside. You’ll let your uniqueness shine and learn to express it freely so that your heart will be filled with joy and ease. Your days will light up and you’ll believe more in yourself.


How do you know whether this relationship will last?

The answer is simple.

Ask yourself if you’re open and real. If you’re in a relationship where you cannot open up and be vulnerable in a relationship, then it cannot last and the universe will drive you apart.

Every failed relationship is a missed opportunity. You’ll keep meeting similar partners to learn how vulnerability is beautiful and to understand that to become an authentic being there is no other way than to surrender and lose control.

The relationship has the potential to teach you how to become real. It teaches you how to follow the heart’s path no matter where it takes you with the deep belief that this the perfect experience for you at the moment.

The reason why many relationships end is not because your partner would discover who you are and rather run away but because you never shared your true self. Thus they could feel that you were wearing a mask and that you were not authentic.

Being vulnerable is also works for business or anything else. People who are successful are those who put themselves fully into the process. They understand the power of vulnerability as their strength.

By being vulnerable, they become unique and creative. This is the mix of energy that provides a platform for success. The power of vulnerability in business is about being visible, putting yourself out there. Not because of money or fame but because this is who you are and you don’t want to hide it anymore.


To me, vulnerability is about living fully, fearlessly and joyfully. I understood that if I don’t open myself, I already lost everything.


I don’t want to watch people who I love leaving my life without sharing with them who I am and how big my heart really is.

To learn how to be vulnerable is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself.

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