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6 Steps to Become a Spiritual Leader

A spiritual leader is one with the purpose and the vision God has for them. Although being a spiritual leader is primarily associated with religion, it isn’t intended only for that. I invite you to redefine what a spiritual leader means to you and what it looks like in the 21st century. There is a deep call for people to embody spiritual leadership in our community. Many of you can feel that call. It’s time to answer it!


Who Is a Spiritual Leader?

A spiritual leader is a person who lives in a deep alignment with their purpose and highest potential. A spiritual leader puts a higher vision above their fears and personal agendas. Thus a leader creates a legacy that lasts and can serve and inspire others. They answer the call they feel in their hearts, and by doing that, they step onto a leadership path.

A leader lives in constant communion with the divine. It doesn’t happen just during meditation or a few moments in a day; they have fully devoted themselves to their relationship with the divine. To hear that call, one must purify themselves and be willing to go deeper than ever before. The leadership will always ask everything from you. And you’ll have to be ready to sacrifice your old self and get comfortable with being outside your comfort zone often.

A spiritual leader shows up for the work that wants to unfold through them. Thus, a leader knows that they’re not the source of the power. Rather, they offer themselves up for the Source consciousness to flow through them unrestricted.

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What Is Spiritual Leadership?

I borrowed the definition of spiritual leadership from one of my guidebooks for my 1:1 Spiritual Leadership program.

Leadership is about managing the overall energy of your life and directing
it towards one goal – a higher vision of your queendom/kingdom in a harmonious way for the
benefit of all, including yourself.

Leadership is the unifying force that brings all pieces you’ve mastered together and transmutes it into a
masterpiece of your life. It brings together all the lessons and things you’ve embodied,
and healed cohesively, so it becomes visible and FELT by yourself and others. This is the true
power that can be felt.

Through leadership, we reach a higher harmony – reorganization – of previously disconnected
aspects of ourselves and our lives. This is a true transfiguration of the Christ Principle.

A leader is a master of the self. He/she alchemized all lower frequencies and took them to a
higher octave. As a higher governing particle, other lower forms recognize the leadership –
mastery – signature and begin to harmonize with it.

When you look at the lives of masters like Yeshua, Buddha, Akhenaton and Nefertiti, others
recognize the master within them. Therefore, masses of people followed them. The lower
consciousness and frequency (“lower” is not considered as something negative nor inferior) naturally gravitate towards higher forms because they recognize their leading golden frequency.

Life naturally spirals upward toward a greater sense of harmony;
this is what leadership is all about. It brings forth a greater sense of harmony in yourself and your community.

As you embrace your inner leader, you’ll notice how life pushes you to apply everything you’ve
learned and how previously on-and-off ideas and lessons come together in a renewed sense of
synergy and harmony. Notice where life leads you. This is your golden path to give life to your
inner leader–master.


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The Call: Leadership Chooses You

A true spiritual leader is chosen to lead. Therefore, they only answer and follow the call in their hearts and souls. Spiritual leader answers the call of their Higher Selves to show up in their vulnerability, soul gifts, and highest service to others. First, you’re called to become a leader of yourself and your life. Then you become a leader of your community. And then more responsibility and opportunities to serve will come your way.


Your task as a leader is to recognize the inner call and show up for it completely. You don’t need to know all the details, neither can you. 


Some of you KNOW in your soul that you’re here to lead. Your life has been asking you to do it for years. And there might have been moments when you’ve embraced the call and many more when you have chosen to ignore it. And thus, your universe shrunk. Sometimes you wonder what would be possible in your life if you did answer the sacred call. You may feel like you’re wasting time and playing small when life asks you to rise.

You’re on the right path if you feel this inner push-and-pull dynamic. It’s natural to feel it because leadership chooses you. There has never been a spiritual leader who would feel ready from day one to lead without fear. But you also need to realize that the call will never go away if this path is meant for you. It will grow louder and louder until you can’t ignore it anymore. And then you wish you’d started earlier because you could have utilized all the opportunities to practice being in your strength and power as a leader. Honing and refining your leadership skills is essential and only happens through practice. 


Becoming a Spiritual Leader As a Path of the Highest Self

Becoming a spiritual leader means devoting your life to a vision greater than yourself. This means that you’ll be continually asked to become the highest version of yourself to be the best steward of the gifts and energies that want to co-create your human odyssey with you.


A true spiritual leader is strong enough to be in service to others and outgrow any limitations and fears that come along with it. 


You’ve harnessed your soul gifts for many lifetimes. You’ve helped others on their soul journey as a lightworker, priest/priestess, teacher, sovereign, and healer in other lives. During those sojourns, your soul has learned to hold increasingly more power, light, balance, and leadership. And for some of you in this life, it’s time to bring it all together. All of your soul lessons and be fully in service to others as a spiritual leader.


In this planetary cycle, as you ascend, you’re asked to help others with the skills, lessons, and gifts you’ve mastered in other lives. 


On the ascension path, you’ll be asked to lead and give back to others all you’ve mastered in other lives. This is a catalyst for your journey. You embody your Higher Self on Earth as you lead, heal, and teach. Now you’re not only responsible for yourself, but as a spiritual leader, you also hold the ascension path open for others.


Your highest self begins to shine and emit radiant light mirroring the grace and glory of the solar initiatory energy of the Sun. 


As you embrace the call as a spiritual leader, everything within you comes to alignment. This is the ultimate healing, the release of the karmic cycle. Manifesting your inner light magnificently as an embodied Higher Self. 


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You don’t need to know all your steps as a spiritual leader. You only have to say yes to the call within you. I’m calling in the leaders who can feel a strong call in their hearts to rise and embody their highest vision in this life. I’m ready to initiate you and take you to the next level. If you’re ready, join the Spiritual Leadership program, and let’s begin!

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