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Don’t Let Other People’s Opinions Stop You; Here’s Why

Why other people’s opinions shouldn’t stop you from living your whole soul’s expression? Many lightworkers don’t act on their inner guidance and share their gifts for fear of what others think. But you can’t base your happiness and the reason you’re on this planet on other people’s opinions. It will never work. Because this is your ego distracting you from your true purpose.

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Why Other People’s Opinions of You Don’t Matter

I’ve seen this countless times. A person experiencing the awakening and trying to make others see the “truth.” Or a lightworker holding back because of what their parents, spouses, or children would think. Or a person who believes they need first to get approval and permission from others to live their highest potential. None of this is needed. You don’t require anyone’s approval to live your life based on your soul.

The true reason others seem to be against you when you want to change your life is that you’re not yet aligned with your new self. Other people’s opinions are a mirror of your inner doubts about yourself. Similarly, other people’s opinions show you where you may not be aligned with your dream or decision.

If you aren’t 100% aligned with your dream, others will unconsciously pick up on the energy of your inner split. In this case, others are your mirror. Thus their reaction is just information saying, “Oh, I’m not fully aligned here. Let me see how I can find that alignment with my inner truth.”


It’s a feedback loop of consciousness showing you where you stand towards what you want. 


Other people’s opinions of you reflect the state of your frequency. Others pick up on any misalignment in our frequency. Although it may seem personal, it’s not. Therefore, trying to convince others to give you the approval doesn’t make sense. Because it’s about your acceptance of yourself. We can’t explain to the mirror that it should change without changing ourselves.

The Solution to Other People’s Opinions

The solution to handling other people’s opinions is to get to your inner truth. Instead of worrying about what people think of you, take time for yourself to find your inner alignment with what you want and who you’re becoming. Depending on how big your dream or shift is, it can take longer. It’s okay whether it takes a couple of minutes or months. Still, you’ll be walking your path courageously.


Look at:

Is this truly what I want?
Is it my dream or someone else’s?
What would need to happen for me to find complete alignment with my vision?


Many people want to share their spiritual awakening with others. But one of the reasons others don’t accept it is because, in the beginning, we flirt with spirituality. We haven’t committed to the spiritual self fully yet, so we emit dissonant frequency others can feel. If we don’t commit, others can’t commit either. During the spiritual awakening, many people feel they’ve finally arrived. Mastering the law of attraction may feel like this is the spirituality we were seeking. But this is just the beginning.

Once you’re fully awake, your presence speaks on your behalf. You don’t need to convince your family or friends to walk the spiritual journey with you. They feel inspired by your example, and this wakes them up.

When we unconsciously know we haven’t embodied our spiritual self, our innermost doubts can be heard via the transmission of the voice. On the human level, other people may criticize us. But on the soul level, the purpose of this mirror is to help us find complete alignment with the soul. Thus other people’s opinions of you shouldn’t stop you. They show you where you need to get clearer on what you want and allow yourself to walk the journey of your heart.


The Flip

Once we embody what we feel on the inside, the same people who have criticized you will become your cheerleaders. This will show you the fluidity of other people’s opinions. Often they aren’t a reflection of the ultimate truth. Rather they react to a passing moment of consciousness.


When you believe in yourself, others will believe in you too. This is a law. 


Even if you don’t have a good relationship with your parents and they criticize you, you can still heal it. But the healing isn’t about making your parents see you a certain way and pushing your awakening or change on them. Instead, your relationship changes when you walk your path in full alignment with your soul. Then your parents will tell you they believe in you and always have.

Release others from making them the ultimate referee of your life. Instead of taking other people’s opinions as the ultimate say in your life and destiny, take what they think as neutral information showing you where you haven’t fully claimed your truth.


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