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It’s Time to Build a Complete Faith in the Universe

{This article is based on my memoir, “Find Yourself: Go the Distance to Discover Your Meaning.”}

Having complete faith in the Universe will shift your life. If you’re reading my articles, you’re either an empath or a Lightworker, or both. You see the world differently, and you’re here to bring the change in your unique way.

As you awaken and embark on your healing journey, you discover that you have to develop absolute faith in the Universe. Absolutely. Unconditionally and with an open heart.

At some point on our journeys, our faith is tested. And not only once. Some of those tests may be nasty, and they may last a long time. Learning how to have faith in the Universe again is one of the most challenging tasks.

Why Will Faith in the Universe Change Everything?

In one of my Instagram posts, I’ve mentioned that one of my long life lessons and gifts is to find a perfect faith in the Universe and then teach it others too.

I must admit that it has been one of the most natural and yet one of the most difficult things for me to do. I’ve always managed to keep my heart open for the Universe and God. Even in the darkest of moments, I’ve had faith in the Universe.

On the other hand, as I began my journey as a Soul Healer and Priestess, those spiritual tests grew in their intensity. Sometimes the Universe seemingly pushes us to our limits so that we have to strengthen our faith in the Universe even more.

As long as we have some reserves in our faith, we’ll be guided into purgatory phases. It may sound harsh, but it’s not because eventually, this will bring us everything we’ve been looking for.

Without faith in the Universe, we can’t align with our true essence. 

Without our faith in the Universe, we unconsciously withdraw our energies from the Source. Of course, this can’t really happen. But the illusion of our separation from the Source and from others can create hell for us. When we put barriers between us and the Source, we stop receiving.

Then the subconscious equation in our heads run:

“I need to keep myself safe because I don’t have faith in the Universe. Therefore, I’ll control everything that I can and never fully open to others and life because it’d cause me a lot of pain that I couldn’t handle.”

We think that we can’t trust the Source. It let us down many times. Especially when it mattered the most. Our hearts are bruised, and therefore, we try to control everything even more.


Behind the desire to control is a fear of God.

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This Is Why We Struggle With Our Faith in The Universe

When I work with others, we always go as deep as we can. I’m not interested in sugarcoating things; I’m interested in bringing people healing and results.

Over and over, I’ve witnessed the same story that used to be mine too:

When we don’t trust the Universe, we have something or someone special in our lives that we want to keep close to us to make sure that the Universe doesn’t take it away from us. 

Let me explain. I’ll share my example that may apply to some of you. In 2011, I met my twin flame (for at least 3 more years, I didn’t know anything about twin flames, which was perfect because I could have my own experience).

That person was so dear to me that suddenly I placed him above my faith in the Universe, and I put him on a pedestal above God. I know that it sounds terrible, but if I were honest, this is exactly what I did. 

Until that point, I could share anything with God openly, and I trusted that the best would happen. But now, I was scared that if I let that person – that connection- completely go, I’d not have been with my twin flame. 

This seemed to be such an unimportant thing, right? Except that it slowly got me out of flow with my true power and myself. It took me a long time to figure that meeting my twin was one of the tests of my faith in the Universe.

Since then, I’ve experienced bliss. Honestly. When I reawakened my childlike and trusting essence, I’ve received many blessings. Those blessings came in the form of understanding my true power and seeing my path and the purposes of others with clarity that is still beyond my comprehension.

Although I was aware of some of the gifts before, I couldn’t experience the bliss and joy that I do now because I used to project my power on my twin instead of embracing it fully in myself. 

How to Have Faith in the Universe Again

And this is what happens to all of us. We put something or someone on a pedestal, and we fear to lose it so we can’t trust the Universe.

We don’t trust that the Universe would give it to us. And so we start to rely on our own (human and limited) power, and we begin to live in the illusions of our minds

But, we’re not meant to live in doubts and control. We weren’t born to try to keep something that isn’t ours. 

You aren’t here to try to manipulate something into being. You’re here to step into your soul’s power and let your energy expand with complete trust. Knowing that only then you’re safe and don’t need any protection.

So if you feel that it’s time for you to strengthen your faith in the Universe, then I invite you to do the following. 

Ask yourself:

What or who do I place above God?

What have I made so special in my mind that I can’t trust the Universe anymore?

And then release it. Let it go. No matter what it’s, it’s NOT worth it. You can only lose by being attached to it because you’re so much more than anything of this world. 

Step into your soul’s power and let go of the toys that entertain you. Clear out your vision and realign with the Truth. 


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