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Follow Your Passion: The 11 Essential Lessons I’ve Learned

Are you wondering how and whether to follow your passion? Have you been thinking about starting your own business or getting finally serious about learning photography? There are some opinions on whether following your passion is good or not. I think the confusion comes with the definition of the word passion. Everyone defines it differently.


What ‘Follow Your Passion’ Means?

Everyone is saying that you should follow your passion but what passion means? There is a lot of confusion around this word. Passion is (an imperfect) expression for following your heart’s guidance. And I mean the guidance that comes from the heart chakra after it awakens. (You can read about the sacred process more here or watch a video on heart chakra awakening.)

I’ve always known what my greatest passion was – helping people who are spiritually awakening and take them to the next levels – but it took me such a long time before I’ve reorganized my life that could support my life calling. Okay, maybe it didn’t take so long from the objective point of view, I slowly started since I was 22 years old, but it felt like a lifetime!

When you have an ever-present burning desire within you and you don’t act on it because of fears, family patterns, it feels like a slow death. To follow your passion means that you say ‘yes’ to your soul and to new possibilities. And you lovingly yet firmly take your power back from your ego and fears.


A Wake-up Call

As a coach I meet many people who say, I‘m 36 (or 40, 55,…), and I feel that I waste my life. We feel like wasting our lives when we don’t do what we want to. I used to feel the same every day.

I even had those scary dreams about being locked in a room surrounded by hundreds of clocks (together with my dead grandmother). Then all these clocks started to ring simultaneously, and my (dead) grandmother shouting wake up! Wake up!

She surely didn’t mean to wake up so I could go to school; it was the middle of the night. But she intended to wake me up in my life. I was sleeping, feeling empty, and without a deeper purpose in my life because I wasn’t living it.

It all started to change for me in 2011. It was a painful transformation, as it usually is the case, but it was worth it. It was worth every tear, pain, and moment I’ve learned how to reconnect with my true self more.

I want to share with you what I’ve learned since then to inspire you to follow your passion that comes from your heart chakra and your soul.

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Follow Your Passion: 11 Lessons Learned


1. It’s Your Path

To follow your passion, you first have to acknowledge your inner power to create a life that the highest version of you desires. One of the ironies of life is that we’re all interconnected and dependent on each other. Other people aren’t in our lives by accident. They teach us and help us grow. But at the end of the day, your path is only about you. Your choices. Or your inaction. 

You cannot stop or give up your dreams because of someone else. Your path is all about you! Others can inspire you and help you get where you want to go. But it’s you to set the tone and direction.

So if you want to stay in the comfort zone (fears) because of spouse, parent, colleague, or friends, you sacrifice yourself for the wrong reasons. I used to feel trapped in certain relationships until I’ve learned that my life is about me. Not them. They’re just passengers.

What do you want from your life?


2. Life is Short

When I admitted to myself what I wanted to do (despite what I studied and was “supposed” to do, hello pressure from others!), I’ve realized how many fun things I’ve missed on in my life.

I looked back, and I saw many missed opportunities. We can all fill our days with some magic and depth if we choose to. Life feels short if you let it slip through your fingers. When you follow your passion, you wake up and realize how many things you could have been created but you hadn’t because of fear. 


3. There Is No Security

Often we choose not to follow our passion and dreams because of some safety net. It can be your job, relationship, friends, or parents. We have a false sense of security. But regardless of where you’re or with whom, it can all change within seconds.

Life always changes. You’re the only constant in your life. Undoubtedly, being an entrepreneur includes many unknowns. But would I say that it’s riskier than in living in the comfort zone? No. Because the biggest risk to me is when you don’t act on what you want because of some false perception that someone will save you and take care of you.


4. Learn to Make Decisions

Depending on your life calling, there may be no one you can discuss your ideas with. And that’s a good thing!

I’ve learned that the best decisions I’ve made were those I made alone. It makes sense. Deep inside, we always feel the best decision, but we might not take it because we think that someone else knows better. They might know better, but they don’t walk in your shoes. Your life path is unique. 


5. The Life before You Follow Your Passion Feels Like a Long Slumber

Do you know this feeling when you do the “normal daily” things but feel dead inside? Just because we’re breathing and going to work or school doesn’t mean that we live. When you follow your passion, you wake up from the dream and the ways you had been sedating your consciousness.

You and I both know it. We can pretend that it’s fine. This is enough. We get by somehow. But when we’re alone, just with ourselves, and we look into our eyes, we know that we’re deluding ourselves. Before I began to wake up in 2011, I felt I was sleeping. Everything was kind of fine, but it wasn’t “IT.” Are you still sleeping?


6. People in Your Life Will Change

Our friends are a reflection of where we are at. When we’re depressed and think about life as everything is difficult, we attract like-minded people. Naturally, when we begin to step into our true selves, these people have to go.

We don’t find the same things entertaining as before. More than complaining about life, we want to know how we can become better human beings. When this happens to you, please, just let them go. For me, everyone has open doors both ways. In and out.

Is anyone dragging you down?


7. The Sky Is the Limit

When you follow your passion, you realize that the sky is the limit. Actually not, you can expand far into the depths of the universe. Acting on your life purpose and passions opens a doorway for more inspiration and possibilities. It changes our mindset from I can’t do it, or it’s too complicated to wow, how can I make this happen, what else can I be doing? 

We can only do what we believe we can. I can guarantee you that when you begin to follow your passion, then a whole new universe opens for you. And then another one. And another. It never stops. You’re becoming more conscious – you become aware of the possibilities that you hadn’t realized. 


8. Following Your Passion Will Skyrocket Yoru Growth

I’ve always been self-conscious, and my inner growth has been my primary goal. Yet following my passion has taken the growth to an entirely new level. Everything has speeded up. Each new idea opens a new learning curve for me. This is what fascinates me about life. We can grow so much if we want to. 


9. Learning to be Bluntly Honest

You know, sometimes we lie to ourselves. Because if we’d be honest about what we want, we’d have to change our lives. Or at least some parts of it. And that is very scary!

Actually, it so scary that many people choose to live in lies and illusions forever. And I get it! I used to be one of them. But I’ve understood that if I lie to myself, I’m the only person losing. I’d never know who I’m and what I can create if I wouldn’t dare to be honest with myself. What are the life areas you choose to lie to yourself about?


10. Working with Mindset

Whenever you follow your passion, your mindset, and the old you will try to get you back into your comfort zone. This has been the biggest lesson so far. We don’t even know how many limiting beliefs and patterns we have until we begin to admit them. Everything in life is about the right mindset. There resides the difference between a happy, fulfilling life and survival.

The only person who can stop you is you with your fears and negative thoughts. We all have a little inner voice telling us what we cannot do and how terrible we are. Learning how to receive the lesson this negative voice for us has, and then putting it into sleep, I advise anyone to master. I wouldn’t be where I am if I’d be operating on the same mindset I was born with. 


11. Inspiring Others

When you follow your passion, you inspire others more than by a thousand words. Though, these thousand words have been inspiring or not? Just as Gandhi said, Be the change you want to see in the world. This isn’t a cliché; it’s true. If you want to help your family and people you care about, be the source of love and inspiration for them. You’ll make them think, and you’ll teach them by being you that they can do it, too.

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