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How to Show Up For Yourself in 4 Ways?

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Know how to show up for yourself is the crucial step on the path to self-love and inner abundance.

Let me ask you a question; how would you like your close friend if they wouldn’t care about what you say or what you want?

I suppose that you wouldn’t stay friends for a long time. Now, do you realize that you’re doing this to yourself?


How to show up for yourself?

1. How do you show up for yourself?

What do you do when you want something? Especially, when it includes someone else? When you want to say something but then you mute yourself before opening your mouth because you care more about what the person would think.

Or you are at the birthday party and everyone around eats sweets, drink alcohol and you’ve decided to start living healthy, yet you rather take the cake or drink a shot of vodka. In these situations, how do you show up for yourself?

Follow your inner language and see what you’re saying to yourself. Do you stand up for yourself or you do what others expect you to do?


2. Decide to be there for you

Now, you have to make a strong decision to show up for yourself. You can’t choose it partially, with someone, or just sometimes, it has to be ‘Hell Yeah!’

You’ll need a strong will which means you need a strong determination. Are you ready to show up for yourself? It’s okay to start with one life area at first – but you have to mean it. Decide to be there for you no matter what.  


3. Do things for yourself

Now, let me be clear, I don’t say you should be a selfish person who devalues others. No way. Showing up for yourself is an act of self-love, self-worth, and respect for others.

Yet, you have to practice showing up for yourself before it becomes natural to you. When you’re about to make a decision, before thinking what someone else wants, ask what YOU want. Don’t compromise what you want. Do EXACTLY what you want.


4. Watch your language

Don’t say things like “it doesn’t matter or it isn’t a big deal”.  Step fully into your power and support yourself through the words you speak. Eliminate any negative, loud or internal, self-talk.

The way you talk, the way you walk or even stand determines your vibrations and sends information to your mind. Take full responsibility for the way you show up.

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