how to make new year's resolutions stick

How to Make New Year’s Resolutions Stick?


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How to make New Year’s resolutions stick? Here it is once again. New year. Filled with new hopes, dreams and resolutions. I love changes because they bring new fresh energy.


Neural Pathways and making the New Year’s resolution stick

When you decide for change, you get excited because the hormones of happiness flood your brain. After a while, the hormones return to normal level. Initial enthusiasm fades away. Instead, pessimism and doubts take over mind. This is the time when most people give up.

However, this stage is crucial. Why? Because the neural pathways reshape and rewire the brain.

When you feel like you were naïve and too optimistic while making New Year’s Resolutions here is the good news; you probably weren’t.

When you feel tempted to eat that cookie or rather watch a YouTube video instead of exercising or finishing a new project, you better stop and become aware of what is happening.  Rewiring of neurons!

The temptation is a good sign that your brain reset. Here come strong will and self-discipline into action. In this rewiring phase what you choose to do matters the most. Knowing that you can make a breakthrough.


If you stick with your resolutions, you train the brain new behaviors and thus create new pathways.


Self-disciplined action creates magic. Choose your resolutions from the heart and then forge them with your will and discipline. If you slip, do not beat yourself up but rather stick even closer.

If your repeat new positive behavior several times, you successfully rewire your brain. Many experts suggest to hold on at least 21 days. From my experience, the number does not matter so much but the determination and awareness of what and why you are doing something is more important.

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