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step into your power

Step into Your Power with these 3 Steps

How can you step into your power? Do you own your power? Or do you give your power away to people and situations?

Any of us can achieve anything we want. I know how challenging transforming your life can be yet it gives you a sense of excitement and a new mystery every day. I bow to people who have changed their lives in some way. And I believe that you’re one of them.

Perhaps you’ve changed your job, or you said no when it mattered. Maybe you’ve spent time alone to get to know yourself, and as a result, you’ve met a partner you love. Whatever story you have, I know that there have been some moments when you’ve stepped into your power and changed the course of your life.

What does it mean to be in your power?

In its essence everything is neutral. We are the ones who give things their meaning.

For instance, imagine two heart-broken women. While one learns the lesson and gives herself time to heal and then fearlessly opens herself to a new partner as she had never been hurt before. Another woman completely shuts down. She does not just close her heart, but she also withdraws herself from participating in her life, job or hobbies. She gives pain in the first place and uses it as an excuse to stop living.

Two same situations, yet two diametrically different approaches, and thus results. The first woman learns to love and open herself regardless of what has happened. Thus she becomes invulnerable. The other slowly disappears from her life, and she sacrifices everything to the pain.

We have the power to transform any situation based on the meaning we choose to give it. Many people are afraid of becoming powerful. The power has a bad rap since it has been often misused and made others feel powerless. However, the power itself is neutral.


Our fear of misusing the power prevents us from taking charge of our lives


We are often afraid that when it comes to power, it is only a win-lose situation. Everything has the meaning that you give it. If you use power to empower others and to make your life and environment a better place, then there is no reason to be afraid of it.

When you step into your power, you’re ready to show up fully for yourself and commit to your dreams. No matter what the situation is, you’re there, powerful and present. You don’t put any blinders on, and you’re ready to do what you know you need to do. When challenges happen, you grow from them.


We all want power in some way. Yet, we wrongly believe that we cannot be good and powerful at the same time.


This idea prevents us from stepping fully into our power and making life more meaningful. It leaves us kept in prison, not stating own opinions and needs, not making necessary changes that we secretly long for.

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3 Steps to stand in your power


1. Who else will make your dreams come true if not you?

Are you waiting for someone else to save you? What does stop you from investing in your life, dreams, relationship, your family, environment or friends? What are you waiting for?

What if you could become anyone you want, but there was no one else who could do it for you but you. Powerless or powerful. There is nothing in between. Each time, you give someone else power over your life, you betray and limit yourself.


2. Why are you afraid to own your power?

We always do what the best for us is. No exceptions. Even if we do something seemingly harmful, there is strong belief attached to it that tells us that this choice is better. It makes us feel safer. We are afraid to be seen and shine. We think it would hurt us or we would harm others.

Mostly inadvertently, the society and family teach us to be afraid of own power. Therefore, we start to fear that we could be TOO MUCH. Too much light, too much power, too much strength.

Since the majority of people live in a world of fears, we feel that if we become more of our self, our light would hurt them. It would make them feel worse and inferior. And, we would feel as we wouldn’t belong to the society anymore. This is how the based-fear idea of not stepping into own power wants to protect us.

However, we cannot help anyone if we belittle ourselves. The society survives in suffering and fears, teaching us to be the same. Not to discover our strength and power. If we agree on this game, nothing will ever change.


3. Examine the motives of your behavior.

Often, we take power indirectly. We control situations or other people and want to become powerful slowly so no one (even us) would notice. We judge people who control us yet trying to do the same on a smaller scale.

You can either be powerful thus positively impact this world or powerless and let someone else decide for you. Be aware of how the ways you secretly want power yet not taking it directly. If you allow yourself to be fully you, you can take power directly and empower others at the same time.

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