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make this year your year

How to Make This Year Your Year and Find Out What You Want

Often when we make decisions, we’re worried whether others will accept it. Or what they’ll think about it. We choose to do something for ourselves, but we immediately think about what family or friends would say about it.

I’ve talked to many people during my coaching practice asking them what holds them back the most. The answer is that they hold themselves back because of others.

They’re worried that their friends would consider them stupid or selfish. The big fear comes from revealing to others that they’ve changed, and they fear being judged for that.

Almost everyone has someone in life who takes them down. Perhaps when you tell your friends that you want to move to a different country, they tell you that it’s dangerous, expensive, and you’ll be lonely.

Or you confide in them with an idea of starting a new business to be ”friendly” reminded all the obstacles and problems on the way.

People don’t usually mean these “well-meant” advice ugly. They’re also full of self-doubts and feel like it’s difficult to change their situation. When they take you down, it’s because you unconsciously trigger their old wounds and fears by telling them what you want.


There is nothing personal in other people’s opinion about you. Ever. What people tell you is about THEM. Don’t allow it to poison your mind and your dreams. 


If you want to change your life quickly and miraculously, then there is one thing that can help you the most.

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Make this year your year!

I got inspired while reading the book “Uncharted” by Colette Baron-Reid during Christmas 2016. I had an intuition to purchase her book, although I don’t read books about spirituality anymore.

In early 2014 I realized that I don’t get new information from spiritual books anymore, and the most excellent teacher is my soul. Nevertheless, when I feel the call to read something, I listen to my inner voice.

Baron-Reid has an amazing gift to speak to dead people, and what inspired me the most was when she beautifully summed up what dead people advise us the most.

It was two things. One was to strengthen the connection to Spirit and God. The second was to “Belong to Spirit and yourself before concerning yourself with others.” 

After reading that sentence, I knew that this was the central message for me, and I immediately wrote it down on my phone to make sure I didn’t forget it. Although I usually don’t concern myself with others, I still have areas to improve, at least when it comes to personal things.


What if you make this year your year too? 

Find some quiet place where you can write your goals down. This time your goals come from yourself. ONLY.

This helps you stay motivated, and if you desire something a lot, you figure out how to make it happen. When you do this exercise, the answers come from your higher-self, so they’ll always inspire you.


1. Relationships

What would you change in your relationships if it would be only up to you?

I know that a relationship is usually between two people, but we have more power over where our relationships are going than we think.

If you take responsibility for your part of the equation and create the kind of relationship you want, your current relationship will either transform. Or your partner will leave you as you become clear on what exactly YOU want.

Both options are good. Staying in a relationship with the wrong partner and for the wrong reasons is just a waste of time.


2. Health and body

Let’s rebuilt your body image and relationship with your body! Ready?

Ask yourself, what would you change on how you treat your body if you wouldn’t care about others? 

I know that at first sight, your body is only about you. But! We allow many judgments of others to influence our relationship with our bodies.

Some people say we’re too skinny, others that we are too fat. Some people say that yoga is for older people, others that dancing is for younger. You see, everyone has some opinions that unconsciously drive our decisions about our bodies.

So what would YOU do if you could do anything that YOU want?


3. Job (or business)

What kind of job (business) would you have if it were only about YOU?

How would you behave in your job differently?

Or how would you run your business if you’d take others out of the equation?

By asking yourself this question, you’ll tap into the infinite wisdom of your soul. Make this year your year and see the magic that will happen!

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