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Why Some People Push Your Buttons? Use It As Your Strength.

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Do people sometimes push your buttons? Some people have that special gift to push our buttons. Unfortunately, not always it’s possible to disappear and avoid contact with them as they can be family members.

Think of someone who is pushing your buttons. It may be your mother, sibling, an old friend, or spouse. Think about the person for whom you would like to have a magical delete button to press to make them disappear. Think of the person who makes you feel terrible. This is exactly how it looks like when someone pushes your buttons.


Why do people push your buttons?

I want to help you understand why some people push your buttons easily and what the lesson for you is.

Read the below questions and write any answers that come to you. These answers will help you understand your lessons and also ease up the relationship with them.

Now, think about the specific things that you mind about people who push your buttons.


Which behaviors do drive you crazy?

What do others do when they unleash your negative side?

What kind of sentences are you allergic to?


Specify what exactly drives you crazy the most and what you’re afraid the most. Once you’re done, turn your awareness from them TO YOU. Think about all these negative things that you think of them and ask yourself why is it so?


We mind about others the aspects that we don’t accept about ourselves.


Ask yourself a question: Would you still mind the behavior of that person if you would know that you don’t have the same qualities?

I have realized that what we are fear is that we end up having the same negative qualities as they do. Or we subconsciously worry that, deep within, we’re like the people who push our buttons. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have noticed these negative traits on someone else.

We can only see the same pitfall that we already have. Yes, I know this can be harsh but understanding how to work with your shadow empowers you. I promise 😉

Let’s say that you have hard times with your mom who controls and manipulates you.

Then ask yourself: Am I subconsciously afraid that I would become the same?

If you would know with certainty that you are a free-spirited woman (or man) who never tries to control or manipulate others, would the behavior of your mom still drive you crazy?

I know that this is not what you want to hear. I know that it would be better to say that she is a little evil creature 🙂 And maybe that’s the case…but… don’t miss the lesson that she is here to teach you.

Any times when someone pushes our buttons, we mind it because there is something we need to face and heal in ourselves.

So I invite you to look at your shadow and own every single bit of it!

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