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The Truth Why You Sabotage Your Dreams And How To Change It

You want to do many things, but even though you do your best, you ultimately sabotage your dreams. Sometimes, you manifest something amazing, but then the magic is gone. So, what’s the limiting belief making you sabotage your dreams?


The Truth Why You Sabotage Your Dreams

Some things aren’t meant to happen. However, if you feel the same soul calling for years, you’re the person to make it happen. We don’t choose our dreams; they choose us. Because you’re the right person to birth that dream into the 3D. But the truth is that we’re not willing to pay for the dream the price it costs. Every dream has a cost. To the very least, it’s our time, energy, focus, consistent soul-aligned action, and being courageous. Even if the dream finds you, you need to find a way to make it happen. And this is where you may sabotage your dream unconsciously.

One part of you wants to manifest your dream, while the other part isn’t willing to invest in that dream what it takes. You sabotage your dreams because of unconscious energy barriers upon which you operate. Maybe someone has once told you that it’s not realistic. And you sabotage your dreams by making rash decisions, procrastination, creating co-dependent situations, etc. If you’re not willing to give your all to that dream, you’ll sabotage your dream. And you may not want to go fully in because of some limiting belief.


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What are You Willing to Invest in your Dreams?

The biggest reason you sabotage your dream is that every dream takes some sacrifice. It takes time and effort to build energy-momentum. There is an element of sacrifice in a spiritual sense. We need to sacrifice the short-term gain in order to achieve our goals that are in the long term. We need to sacrifice the lower self and let it die so we can resurrect and become the higher self.

There is always some element of sacrifice. Each time you say yes to something, you are also saying no to something else. So each time you scroll social media, you say yes to that activity, and at the same time, you say no to spending time with your family or gardening or learning archery, for instance. The highly successful people are willing to give their all to make it happen. The bigger the dream, the more resources it needs. Those resources are your time and energy.

The truth about manifesting a dream is that it takes a lot more than it seems. If you have a life vision, like sharing your gifts with others, writing a book, or becoming a yoga teacher, it’s about silent dedication. When a dream manifests, it happens quickly. But there is the energy foundation and years of mastery behind the scenes.

Thus, subconsciously, you may sabotage your dream because you know what it costs. And it may feel easier to tell yourself that maybe one day. We can live with the one-day idea because then we don’t need to look at if we’re truly the one who can make it happen.

Get Real About What You Truly Want to Stop Sabotaging Your Dreams

If you sabotage your dreams, ask yourself what you’re honestly ready to invest in manifesting your desire. I invite you to be honest with yourself. No one else needs to know your answer. This process is for you.

Thus, take a sheet of paper and write down all your dreams. Next to each one, write down if you truly want it. Does the dream reflect who you are? Does it come from your soul? P.S. It’s okay if you find out that some of those dreams aren’t truly yours.

Next, write down each dream and what you are willing to invest to see it through. Again, I invite you to be honest. Maybe you realize that you’re unwilling to put in that time at this chapter of your life because it would take it away from your family. And that’s okay. You’re become clear on your life priorities.

Here are some soul-searching questions to guide you.

Are you willing to have strong boundaries, more time, and pursue your goals?
Are you willing to nurture and protect your energy so you have that energy to make it happen?
What are you willing to do to achieve your goals, to embody the dreams of your soul?
How do you spend your energy in your time?
What are you willing to sacrifice? Are you willing to sacrifice excuses, limitations, littleness, wasting of energy and time?


The Graveyard of Unfulfilled Dreams

If you sabotage your dreams, you also need to acknowledge your unfulfilled dreams and forgive the person you never became. The unfulfilled dreams are even more painful than a potential failure. When you read someone’s energy, one of the first layers you tap into is that astral body, and it is there that we carry energetically all those unfulfilled dreams with us. So it’s all the dreams you’ve ever had since you were a child, and you were dreaming of making those things happen, but they didn’t happen. And all that energy is in your astral field, and it costs you your life energy.


The unfulfilled dreams cost you life force energy and create self-doubts.


And so, when you are looking at your dreams, you need to become honest with yourself about which dreams you are willing to pay the price it takes and which dreams you need to let go of and bury them.

And with other dreams, you will find out that you cannot bury them. These are the ones you’re meant to see through. Here, I invite you to get clear on your priorities. And then develop new routines and systems to help you make it happen. Once you know what you truly want and what you want to invest in it, you stop sabotaging your dreams.


Sabotaging your dreams reflects a lack of inner clarity. 



You sabotage your dreams because you don’t want to sacrifice something to make it happen. The thing that needs to be sacrificed may be letting go of limiting beliefs and learning to build boundaries. To stop sabotaging your dreams, be honest with yourself about what you want and which dreams you need to let go of. Then, realize what that dream needs from you. Lastly, create a system, routines, and structures and get support to keep yourself accountable as you manifest your dream.

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