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The Dark Savage Feminine Workshop


In the Dark Savage Feminine workshop, you’ll learn how to activate and channel your raw feminine power into your life.


You’ll Learn:

How to transcend the “dark” feminine energy (envy, jealousy, comparison, etc.) into the pre-fall raw, powerful energy to support you at all times.

Naturally, you activate the aura of respect, queenship, and boundaries.

You’ll heal any energy leaks to past lovers and unrequited love situations.

How to correctly channel the raw feminine energy in your life so you’ll become a powerful woman to be respected, yet with a gentle Venusian heart and preserving your radiance (see the Feminine Secret Arts Bundle).


Who is this for?

The Dark Feminine Power is for any woman who wants to tap into her raw feminine power so she can direct that energy to create the life she desires.
P.S. If you did my Priestess Healing, you definitely want to hear what I will teach in this workshop.


What’s Included?

1 Workshop
Estimated time: 2 to 2.5 hours.

A Replay
For as long as this workshop is available on my website. 


Don’t Miss Out

You can get the Dark Savage Feminine workshop as a part of the Feminine Secret Arts Bundle or the Feminine Power program (which includes the whole bundle).

If you purchase the Feminine Power program, you’ll receive 3 other workshops: the Heart of Venus, Dark Savage Feminine, and the Art of Feminine Radiance. 



April 5, 2024
10 am ET | 7 am PT | 2 pm UK



The Dark Savage Feminine is one of the hidden keys to feminine power. It has nothing to do with anything you may have heard before about dark feminine – one of the most misunderstood concepts. It came to me as one powerful download in a taxi on my way from the Mexico City airport to the Teotihuacan village, where I underwent a massive unplanned initiation the next day. I kept writing like a crazy person without a break for the entirety of the ride (about 70-80 minutes), and what came through changed my life completely. This was what I had been waiting for without knowing it and what other women need to hear because I know that if you get this, you’ll tap into the raw feminine power unmatched by anything before.