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The Art of Feminine Radiance


The Art of Feminine Radiance workshop will teach you the art of preserving your radiance, glow and the secret of rejuvenation to keep your body and energy youthful.


You’ll Learn:

How to preserve your radiance and why it matters.
How to cultivate your inner beauty.
How to rejuvenate your energy using specific spiritual energy exercises.
I’ll share a couple of guided exercises you can keep for a lifetime to keep yourself youthful.


Who is this for?

The Art of Feminine Radiance is for any woman who wants to learn how to keep rejuvenating her energy, preserve her radiance, and channel these energies into creating the life she desires.


What’s Included?

1 Workshop
Estimated time: 2 hours.

A Replay
For as long as this workshop is available on my website. 


Don’t Miss Out

You can get the Art of Feminine Radiance workshop as a part of the Feminine Secret Arts Bundle or the Feminine Power program (which includes the whole bundle).

If you purchase the Feminine Power program, you’ll receive 3 other workshops: the Heart of Venus, Dark Savage Feminine, and the Art of Feminine Radiance. 



March 29, 2024
10 am ET | 7 am PT | 2 pm UK



The Art of Feminine Radiance is about how to rejuvenate yourself, your energy, and your body and keep youthful energy, as well as using the beauty and the Venusian and Hathorian mysteries to preserve your radiance and energy regardless of age. This is something that was always clear to me how to do it. More than a decade ago, one gifted man told me that one day I’ll teach people how to age gracefully; this is the first pearl of my teachings. You’ll learn practical, energetic exercises to rejuvenate your body and deeply understand the concepts of self-rejuvenation, radiance, and beauty. You’ll learn the art of preserving your radiance.