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Limitless Leadership & Business

The Limitless Leadership and Business includes 2 programs:

Sacred Business and Spiritual Leadership.

The Limitless Program includes twenty 75min sessions (1-on-1).


The Limitless Leadership and Business program is for the ones who are tired of hiding and limiting their impact on the world. It’s for those who are brave and bold, ready to step into a journey of a lifetime.
Those who are ready to claim their seat at the table and rise.

Rise with the consciousness.
Rise alongside other leaders.
Those who are meant to become limitless.

The Limitless Program includes:

20 * 75-Min Sessions

20 Guidebooks

20 Extra Activations


The Limitless Leadership and Business includes 20*75min sessions (1-on-1) and 20 guidebooks with journaling prompts and energy exercises.

In the Limitless Program, we combine the curriculum of the Sacred Business and Spiritual Leadership programs. Because these two were born for each other. We’ll start with one business session followed by one leadership session.

To read the detailed curriculum, please visit the Sacred Business curriculum and Leadership curriculum.

Month 1:
  • Lead with your Vision
    You’re here to lead with your highest vision, move with intention and act with courage.
  • Power
    We’ll work around how to stay in your power and how it specifically looks for you so you’re ready to embody the queen/king consciousness fully.
Month 2:
  • Your Message and Business Model
    In this session, we’ll calibrate your message, and that will serve as a business model that can be scaled – allowing you to work in your sphere of genius, having the space and time and the creative fire you need.
  • Voice
    Activate the power of your voice. Speak with impact and full knowledge that your spoken words fabricate the energetics of your life.
Month 3:
  • Let People Find Your Work
    We’ll reassess and look at the funnels and platforms to reach your soul tribe in a way that feels spacious and fun. 
  • Visibility
    We’ll work with your fears of being visible and seen to help you stop hiding so your leadership can shine through.
Month 4:
  • Soul-Aligned Services and Prices
    Create or redefine your services to work for you and others. We’ll also find the right pricing for you, and I’ll teach you how to know when it’s time to increase your prices.
  • Success
    We’ll do powerful activations and exercises to get you to a place where you stop stopping yourself from succeeding because it feels scary and overwhelming.
Month 5:
  • Soul Client Attraction
    Connect to their souls. Craft your words with impact. Learn the secrets of the soul client attraction. Make your work potent, reaching the right people.
  • Impact
    The impact is like a wireless connection that keeps influencing others through your strong energetics and embodiment. In this session, we’ll look at any fears related to impact and unlock that channel within you.
Month 6:
  • Inner Structures, Hiring, Scaling
    Setting inner business structures that allow you to bring the highest results to your clients and move effortlessly.
  • Lead Yourself
    Make your moves simple and impactful. Move with intention and grow your trust in yourself and in leading yourself. Hone your skills, and become a holistic person. Lead yourself in your business, purpose, and relationships, and nurture your inner genius.
Month 7:
  • Embody the Highest Power of Your Work
    Deep energetics that will turn on your magnetism and make your service fun.
  • Lead Others and with Others
    We’ll look at how to effectively lead others, inspire their best, and nurture those relationships.
Month 8:
  • The Energetics of Your Business
    In this session, we’ll look at your business’s energetics and pricing. I’ll guide you through the most powerful energetic business tools that will open your eyes to a new, deeper understanding of your business and your clients.
  • Shine
    You’ll step into the next level of ownership of your gifts, power, and radiance.
Month 9:
  • Marketing and Branding |
    We’ll revisit your branding and marketing and craft a unique way to share your voice, work, and gifts.
  • Excellence
    Excellence is the energy piercing your soul and shining through everything you do. I’ll help to bring forth your excellence in your work and life.
Month 10:
  • Sacred Selling
    Fall in love with selling which allows people to receive deeper from you. We’ll create a selling system that works for you and feels authentic.
  • Limitless
    The god/goddess consciousness is limitless. It doesn’t create within the conceptual reality. It plays and operates in the field of pure potentiality. Let’s activate it!