Heart Chakra Healing

The Heart Chakra Healing is for people experiencing heart chakra opening and would love to use the awakening to their potential and heal the ancient pain.

The heart chakra is a doorway to:

  • Spiritual awakening.
  • Healing powers.
  • Communicating with your higher self.
  • Embodying your higher self.
  • Understanding your life lessons.
  • Balancing the masculine and feminine energy.
  • Feeling and recognizing your potential and your life purpose.
  • Calling in your soul family.
  • Calling in abundance, support, and love.
  • Receiving.

What is included in Heart Chakra Healing?

  • 4*90-minute online private sessions
  • 1 Heart Chakra guided meditation (.mp3)



When your heart chakra activates, you feel indescribably beautiful bliss, joy often accompanied by unconditional love. The intensity of your sudden feelings wakes you up. You see your life with fresh new eyes, and it leaves you to wonder if you had been asleep your whole life.

But often confusion and deep pain sets in as well. Suddenly you’re swept away by old emotions. If your heart chakra opened after meeting your twin flame, soulmate, spiritual teacher, then it may send you on a rollercoaster of confusion as your heart starts to yearn for connection.

The heart chakra opening brings along the whole spectrum of emotions and physical symptoms like heaviness or feeling of emptiness inside your chest. It feels challenging to navigate this change. Without realizing it, you’re going through a transformation that will change you at every level.


4*90-Minute Heart Chakra Healing sessions include:

Session 1: Balancing and Receiving

I’ll teach you how to balance your heart chakra and how to use its healing and manifesting powers to recreate and support your life. We’ll also open you up to receiving support, abundance, love, and reconnecting with your soul family.

Session 2: Healing the Emptiness

Upon your heart chakra opening, it’ll feel like there is a deep abyss in the middle of your chest. You realize that you’ve always been feeling this emptiness and vacuum in your heart. In the second session, we’ll be healing this sensation of nothingness and emptiness. It’ll help you to feel whole and complete.

Session 3: Healing the Pain

Sometime after your heart chakra opening, you’ll feel an ancient pain. The pain feels so familiar that you may wonder if it ever will leave. It tells you that you can’t ever change. The third heart chakra healing session is devoted to transmuting and healing this pain.

Session 4: Connecting with your Higher Self and Purpose

Now it’s time to strengthen your inner guidance and intuition and understand how you can use your heart chakra to communicate with your higher self. We’ll also look at how your heart chakra opening relates to your current life and purpose. As it always happens at the divine timing.


What healing techniques do I use?

As an intuitive, I use a combination of energy and soul healing, as well as my knowledge in rewiring the long-held patterns of the subconscious mind. I work with you through my higher self and your higher self that allows us to bring unique and deeply nurturing healing and energy to your system.

I believe in holistic healing that is grounded and empowering. It goes beyond the classical mind or body level healing.


Why have Heart Chakra Healing?

Often, people feel overwhelmed by the pain, emptiness, and confusion that, among many other symptoms, which accompany the heart chakra opening. I’ve seen people opening their heart chakra and then shutting it down and trying to fit into their old lives.

Unfortunately, we can’t take for granted that our heart chakra stays open and pure. We have to take care of it actively, and in return, the heart chakra will help us bridge our life from where we are to where our true potential is.

When your heart opens, you’re blessed with incredible potential to become a better version of yourself, experience unconditional love, and to take a leap on your spiritual journey. You’re the steward of this Source energy pulsating in your chest. Don’t get overwhelmed by the related uncomfortable symptoms because this is just the initial phase. Heart Chakra healing will open new beginnings for you.

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