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Foundational Work | 5 Sessions

The Foundational Work is to help you build strong emotional and mindset foundations. It focuses on shifting your core beliefs, inner child work, and emotional healing.

The Foundational Work is also perfect before joining the Lightworker Healing to integrate some emotional wounding so we can entirely focus on developing your gifts and healing soul wounds from other lives in the Lightworker Healing.

In the Foundational Work, we look at anything that you feel needs to be addressed before working with your past lives, their lessons, and healing any soul wounds.


Five 1:1 60 Minute Sessions
 AUDIO Calls via Zoom
After purchasing your session, you’ll receive a link to my online calendar to book the time.


The emotional body wants to develop and become strong. With a strong emotional body, our emotions become stable and balanced. They support us in up-leveling our lives without sabotaging ourselves or getting triggered. Just like we have the biological age, we also have an emotional and mental age. The emotional body needs our support to grow and heal.

The Foundational Work is perfect for you if you feel the call to dive deeper into healing your emotional body. 

In the Foundational Work, we focus on subconscious programs and emotional wounding resulting from childhood or challenging life situations so you can feel empowered and develop a strong foundation within you to further integrate with your soul in the Lightworker Healing later.


The Foundational Work is Perfect For:

  • Releasing limiting beliefs and healing emotional wounds.
  • Inner Child healing work.
  • Healing abandonment wound.
  • Rewriting your core beliefs.
  • Healing a relationship with your parents or significant others.
  • Withdrawing, not being fully engaged in your life.
  • Weak solar plexus and not feeling in your power.
  • Adressing anything you feel needs to be addressed before working with your past lives, their lessons, and healing any soul wounds.


How Is the Foundational Work Different from Other Healing Programs?

Unlike my other healing programs that work on the soul, Higher Self, and Multidimensional levels, the Foundational Work suits people who want to work on their mindset and heal emotional wounds. Thus, we primarily work on the emotional and mental bodies that may need to get stronger, balanced, or healed.

That being said, if you’re a lightworker (starseed or a priestess), Lightworker Healing or Priestess Healing might be a better fit for you. Those healing programs focus on soul healing, past life regressions, soul gifts, and embodying the soul and higher self, which we don’t address in the Foundational Work.

If you’re a woman, you may also consider joining Priestess Healing, where we work with all aspects of the feminine and masculine energies to bring them into inner alignment.

Please note that I don’t do past life regressions in the Foundational Work to help you develop your soul gifts and understand your purpose. This is done only in the Mystery School.