Twin Flame Healing

The Twin Flame Healing is for people who have met their twin flame, and as a result, their life has turned upside down.

If you feel confused and scared, and at the same time, you experience the depth of connection and love as never before and not sure how to navigate it, then this coaching is created for you.

After meeting your twin, your life will never be the same again. Deep down, you know it, yet it brings up so much uncertainty and chaotic thoughts that you may feel like going crazy at times.

If you feel the resonance, then the Twin Flame Healing was created for you. I believe that we’re not let to anyone by coincidence.

Thus, if you’re reading these words, I wholeheartedly welcome you on a journey that can change the way you see yourself and your connection and bring you a sense of inner power, direction, and grounding. 

What is included in Twin Flame Healing?

  • 8*90-minute online private sessions
  • 2 Activations (.mp3)


The Twin Flame Healing includes online private 8*90 min sessions.

As a bonus gift, you’ll receive 2 activations at the end of our work together, which will open you to the next level of experience.




8*90-Minute Twin Flame Healing sessions include:


Session 1: Healing the Relationship Dynamic I

Twin flame connection is unlike any other relationship you’ve experienced. As much as it’s beautiful, it triggers that shadowiest aspect within you. In the first three sessions, we’ll focus on healing your relationship dynamic with your twin flame by bringing healing to these darkest parts of self.


Session 2: Healing the Relationship Dynamic II

The second session is the continuation of the initial session during which we’ll bring healing between your inner masculine and feminine, which starts to work toward unity after meeting your twin flame.


Session 3: Healing and Transmuting the Shadow

Meeting your twin has brought up your shadow and suppressed parts of you that you may not have even been fully aware of. Their intensity is overwhelming and confusing. Together we start transmuting this shadow back to light.


Session 4: Healing the Relationship with Self

Meeting your twin flame also impacts the relationship with yourself. It triggers a lot of unresolved issues around self-worth and deserving. This healing work that we’ll do together runs to the core of your being.


Session 5: Soul Wounds

When you meet your twin flame, you gradually begin to remember your true self. Your connection evokes deep soul wounds that reach your core essence. Since soul wounds transcend beyond time and space, it’ll feel like something deep is off and missing, and yet you can’t pinpoint what it is. Together we’ll look at your soul’s journey and bring healing the soul wounds related to your twin flame.


Session 6: Healing Across Times and Dimensions

You and your twin have known each other for eternity. Sometimes you’ve come closer and then gravitated away from one another. This has led to wounding within your connection that we’ll work with.


Session 7: Healing the Heaviness

After the first couple of weeks or months upon meeting your twin flame, the heaviness, and pain set in. It creates energy that seems to push you apart when you try to reach closer. We’ll be releasing the energy of heaviness, disappointment, and pain. I’ll teach you techniques that you can keep using to let it transmute into light.


Session 8: Navigating the Change 

Meeting your twin flame is the greatest catalyst on your journey. It opens up new space, possibilities, and timelines for the two of you. In the last session, we’ll look at the ways how your connection relates to your future life, your purpose, and your mission and your current relationships.


Bonus Activations (.mp3)

  1. Invocation to transmute the pain between the two of you.
  2. Activation to help you step into your power and radiate your light.


What healing techniques do I use?

As an intuitive, I use a combination of energy and soul healing, as well as my knowledge in rewiring the long-held patterns of the subconscious mind. I work with you through my higher self and your higher self that allows us to bring unique and deeply nurturing healing and energy to your system.

I believe in holistic healing that is grounded and empowering. It goes beyond the classical mind or body level healing.


Who am I?

I’ve been on my awakened spiritual journey since I was born. In 2011, I met my twin flame that has initiated me to a new chapter of my purpose. In my work, I’ve met many clients who have experienced the twin flame connection, which has offered me a deeper understanding of this unique journey.

Combining my own experience and expertise as a coach and soul healer, I can guide you into the areas of your life and self that need to be addressed and healed.

My aim is for you to feel empowered and more than ever feeling excited, grounded, expanded, balanced, and ready for the new chapters of your life.

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