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Spiritual Leadership Program

The Spiritual Leadership includes ten 75-minute sessions (1-on-1).

Spiritual Leadership is a 1-on-1 program to become impactful and intentional with your life, purpose, and how you lead yourself and others. We look at different aspects of leadership and the key related fears of spiritual leadership to shift them and allow you to become excellent and limitless in what most matters to you.


The Spiritual Leadership includes:

10 * 75-Minute Sessions

10 Guidebooks

10 Pre-Recorded Activations


Let Sylvia guide you to your own embodied soul-aligned leadership.


The Spiritual Leadership contains 10*75min sessions (1-on-1) and 10 guidebooks with journaling prompts and energy exercises.


Session 1: Power

Leadership is about staying in your power, alignment, and impact. In the first session, we’ll focus on your relationship with your power in a practical, tangible way. If you did the Lightworker Healing, this would be a beautiful expansion on finding and aligning with your power. We’ll work around how to stay in your power and how it specifically looks for you so you’re ready to embody the queen/king consciousness fully.

Session 2: Voice

Activate the power of your voice. Speak with impact and full knowledge that your spoken words fabricate the energetics of your life.

I’ve only met a handful of people with a fully activated voice. Their words ripple through the dimensions, birthing new creations. In this session, we’ll activate the power of your voice and make it more impactful and stronger.

Session 3: Visibility

Being a leader is about being seen and visible. It’s about staying in your power, claiming your truth, and standing up for your vision and the causes that matter to you. In this session, we’ll work with your fears of being visible and seen to help you stop hiding so your leadership can shine through.

Session 4: Success

Most of us are used to failure, but what about success? A leader needs to give themselves permission to succeed in bringing forth their visions. We’ll do powerful activations and exercises to get you to a place where you stop stopping yourself from succeeding because it feels scary and overwhelming.

Session 5: Impact

Spiritual leadership is about impact. The impact you have on yourself and others. Your words, moves, and creations become impactful, communicate with people, and uplift them on your behalf.

The impact is like a wireless connection that keeps influencing others through your strong energetics and embodiment. In this session, we’ll look at any fears related to impact and unlock that channel within you.

Session 6: Lead Yourself

Make your moves simple and impactful. Move with intention and grow your trust in yourself and in leading yourself. Hone your skills and become a holistic person. Lead yourself in your business, purpose, and relationships, and nurture your inner genius. In this session, you’ll enter a new depth of leading yourself and moving with intention.

Session 7: Lead Others and with Others

We’ll look at how to effectively lead others, inspire their best, and nurture those relationships. You’ll also get clear about your most natural form of leadership. And how to lead and rise with others so everyone is nurtured and benefits.

Session 8: Shine

This is the doorway to becoming limitless. We’ll activate your hidden codes to unleash your magic. I’ll teach you the secrets to allow yourself to shine fully. You’ll step into the next level of ownership of your gifts, power, and radiance.

Session 9: Excellence

Excellence is the threshold to the god/goddess consciousness within you. Excellence is about bringing forth your visions exactly how they are, staying in your power, using your activated voice, and allowing yourself to become impactful.

Excellence is the energy piercing your soul and shining through everything you do. I’ll help bring forth excellence in your work and life.

Session 10: Limitless

The god/goddess consciousness is limitless. It doesn’t create within the conceptual reality. It plays and operates in the field of pure potentiality.

As a leader, this is your biggest strength and gift to others. We’ll activate the limitless energy and potential within you and help you see how it wants to recreate you and your impact.


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