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Soul Business Intensive Coaching

The Soul Business Intensive is a five-day business coaching program with Sylvia Salow that focuses on helping you work at your highest potency and channel your best work into the world.

You’ll connect to your business’s soul and see the highest intention for every aspect, including offerings, online presence, pricing, launches, client delivery, finances (personal and business), the “golden product triangle,” your true genius, and more.

You’ll also receive a channeled high-potency tool, the C.E.O. Audit, that will accompany you and your business forever as you return to it regularly or anytime you’re ready to level up.

The Soul Business Intensive is a place where the soul meets business. It’s highly intentional, allowing you to connect to your soul and higher self and channel that connection to your divine work.


What Is Included?

One 75-Minute Call with Sylvia

+ 4 Days of Voxer Messaging
+ The C.E.O. Audit Tool




How Does Soul Business Intensive Work?

After signing up for the Soul Business Intensive, you’ll be asked to send me your website and social media so I can prepare for our call.

We then kick off our Soul Business Intensive with a private Zoom call, during which we dive deep into the energetics of all your business structures. We also focus on how you can show up in your highest potency as a soul entrepreneur to create the best works aligned with your higher self.

Then, we move our conversation to Voxer messaging, as we’ll be working with my signature, the C.E.O. Audit tool, which will bring even more clarity to all aspects of your business.



There are two spots available every month except September/October 2024. After purchasing the package, you’ll receive some proposal dates when we can start.

We start on Monday and end on Friday.
Alternatively, we can split five days over a longer period (2 weeks max.)—this option is available to Mystery School clients only.


For more information, please read the sale’s page.