Shadow Healing | 5 Sessions

Shadow healing package contains 5 one-on-one sessions with Sylvia Salow. The Shadow Healing focuses on deep emotional healing, releasing behavioral patterns that no longer serve you so that you can become the person of your dreams.



 1:1 60 Minute sessions
Five AUDIO Calls via Zoom
After purchasing your session, you’ll receive a link to my online calendar to book the time.



The Shadow Healing package was added to my coaching services upon noticing that everyone has some deep shadows that we usually ignore and hope they’ll disappear on their own. We tend to focus on a few areas that feel exciting but forget to also focus on and heal our weakest parts. Thus the Shadow Healing is a safe space for you to explore your shadow – that something that always seems to pull you back in old behaviors, sabotage your relationships or success however you define it.

The shadow is an aspect of us we’re most afraid to show to others because deep down we feel shame and guilt. An example I’ve seen during my work is relationship jealousy, envy, and comparison, distracting yourself from your highest potential through addictions. Lack of self-worth, losing yourself in a relationship, not really loving and respecting yourself but escaping from it by focusing on what you think you should want. Guilt for cheating in a relationship or divorcing a spouse.

The inner shadow has many faces – what defines the shadow is that you’re least likely to talk about it with others or let them see your shadow. And yet, the inner shadow is right there, waiting for you, and shows up in your life as self-sabotage when you least want it.


Who Gets The Most out of the Shadow Healing?

For the best results, when you enter the Shadow Healing you already have in your mind what you’d like to heal. And you’re ready, to be honest, and vulnerable about your shadow. And you’re ready to take responsibility for your life and truly commit to this journey. As we work through those 5 Shadow Healing sessions, there is an option to add another 5, or 10, depending on how it goes. This inner work can’t be put on a timer.


*Please note that the Shadow Healing is also an alternative to 3 coaching sessions.

Or if you want additional Shadow Healing sessions to my Mystery School curriculums. Or if you want to prepare before you start with the Lightworker Healing Curriculum by integrating some emotional wounding or navigating life situations. This is especially recommended in case you’ve never done inner work before. *


The Shadow Healing is Perfect For You:

  • If you feel ready to face your biggest shadows and bring them to the light.
  • Releasing limiting beliefs and healing emotional wounds.
  • Navigating and letting go of challenging life situations.
  • Inner Child healing work.
  • Healing romantic relationships and friendships, low self-worth, jealousy, envy, etc.


During the coaching sessions, I work with your soul and higher self and therefore all the guidance and healing are unique to you. The Shadow Healing doesn’t have any curriculum and is intuitively guided.


How Is Shadow Healing Different from Other Healing Programs?

The Shadow Healing focuses on healing your biggest shadows and bringing them to the light. The closest to the Shadow Healing is the Priestess Healing where we heal and integrate all aspects of feminine energy.

The curriculums in my Mystery School focus on soul healing – the soul wounds that span over lifetimes. Whereas Shadow Healing focuses on your life and the situations you’re facing or can’t let go of.


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