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Magnetic Receiving

Magnetic Receiving is a 2-hour replay of a masterclass.

Have you ever wondered how some people manifest with ease?

In this class, you’ll learn how to step into the flow of receiving.

We’ll focus specifically on receiving prosperity and love, but these principles can be applied to receiving anything else your soul desires.


How can you access the recording?

Please check your order confirmation to find the link to the recording.


Learn how to truly receive. Receive more abundance and love, support, and how to become magnetic to your soul’s desires. This class will focus on the embodiment – feeling and tapping into a state of consciousness we call abundance.


You’ll learn:

  • The feminine secrets of magnetizing abundance.
  • How to open up your energetic field to your soul’s desires.
  • How to become magnetic.
  • How to deepen trust and allow what is meant for you. 
  • How to create ease around receiving prosperity into your life.
  • Activating the flow between you, prosperity, and love. 
  • Ancestral healing on receiving prosperity.
  • Learn how to ALLOW the things that are meant for you in your life.


The Masterclass is structured in such a way that it’ll deepen your prosperity channels regardless of what is your current stream of income. These deeply feminine teachings of prosperity benefit all.

During the Masterclass, you’ll receive activations and guided energy exercises.