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The Soul Healing includes 5 soul healing 1-on-1 90-min sessions.

The Soul Healing is the third pillar of the Lightworker Healing. However, you can also purchase the Healing Soul Journey separately without going through the Gold and Crystal Light Healing first.

At some point in our journey, we realize that we crave for deep nourishment. We yearn for something deep and indescribable and yet it’s missing in our lives every day. I believe in holistic healing, and thus I work at the cellular and physical level, heart and mind level, as well as the soul level.

The Soul Healing is the nourishment for your soul, and I wholeheartedly welcome you on this journey of remembering your original self.

The Soul Healing includes:

5* 90-min soul healing sessions

5 Healing Manuals



The Soul Healing Lightworker Coaching includes 5 sessions and 5 healing manuals.


Session 1: Meeting Your Original Self

During the initial session, you’ll remember your soul’s unique signature and start to remember your original self. Together we’ll heal one of the deep soul wounds that relate to and impact your current life.

Session 2: The Waters of Remembrance

This is the continuation of the previous session during which we will be healing other soul wounds. Remember that each journey is like a reinvention of self at the level of your soul. Gradually these healing journeys will transpire into your human self, and you’ll greatly benefit from them.

Session 3: Releasing Soul’s Pain

During the third session, we’ll be repairing parts of your soul that have endured pains that have transcribed into your energy and physical bodies. We’ll especially focus on the area of your heart center. This will further enhance the remembrance of who you truly are, and you’ll feel whole and rejuvenated at the deepest levels of being.

Session 4: Reconnecting

The fourth session is focused on healing the wounds of separation, disconnection, loneliness, isolation, and their resulting fears of insecurity, confusion, doubts, and the feeling like something is blocking you from moving forward in life. We’ll also restore the connection and contact with your soul family.

Session 5: The Stargate to your I AM Presence

The Lyrans taught me this process of reconnecting to your I AM Presence and also mending the fragmented parts of the soul. As well as reuniting with your multidimensional essence. We’ll also activate protection in and around you that will help you be more aware of your I AM Presence, and it will also serve as a protection from unwanted energies.

Note, Lyrans are benevolent star beings who are masters of embodying their sovereignty and teaching this to others.


  • After each session, you’ll also receive a healing manual with instructions on how to deepen your healing.


Soul’s journey spans across the lifetimes and universes. It carries us through different bodies to embody lessons and knowledge that guides us in our ascension path.

Before I even became a soul healer and coach, I’ve been working closely with my soul on healing my journey across time and space. This turned out to be the greatest source of knowledge and understanding of my work as a healer. When I’m in session with people, I work with their souls, higher selves, and other guides and ascended masters depending on what best serves my client.

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