Lightworker Coaching | Gold Light Healing

Are you seeking a breakthrough in your life and spiritual practice?

The Gold Light Healing is a transformative experience that will help you move through decades of emotional and mental blockages and open you up to your potential.

In each session, we’ll dive deeper into the most hidden fears around your potential, purpose, money, doing what you were born to do, relationship with yourself, and much more.

This is the experience that I wish I had received when I embraced my life calling as a lightworker.  It’ll save you time and help you to shed light on the deeply hidden dynamics that most lightworkers get caught up in.

Are you willing to receive the support of the universe through our transformative experience together?

You can also enroll in the 10-week Crystal Light Healing program for Lightworkers which builds upon the Gold Light Healing.



The Gold Light Healing includes 5 one-on-one 90-min sessions.

I’ll guide through the parts of yourself that you’re afraid to look at, but which subconsciously impact the way you live, the way you are.


5 * 90 min healing sessions + 5 guidebooks


Session 1: The Path of Remembering Your True Self

We lay the foundations to align you with your true self and your purpose. You’ll connect with your higher self, and I’ll teach you how to start receiving downloads (guidance) from your soul so that you always know your right next step.

You’re here to walk the path of self-actualization, and when you begin to remember your truest expression of God’s consciousness, your life immensely expands.


Session 2: Support and mother yourself

For a lightworker, the relationship with the self is paramount. I’ll teach you the Divine Feminine Path of the Embodiment, which will help you to find true self-love and confidence. Gaia herself taught me this path, and it works for both males and females.


Session 3: Find your uniqueness

We’ll make a little makeover of how you perceive your journey and unique gifts. You’ll gain more confidence in understanding and sharing your mission with others. 


Session 4: Release your biggest fears as a Lightworker

Together we’ll get to the roots of the biggest fears of lightworkers that keep them from healing fully. One after another, we release them.


Session 5: Heal your relationship with finances

How can you do what you love and live in financial abundance? We’ll shift your financial fears, and you might be surprised what their real causes are. It’s mostly something different than people think.


In the 5 bonus guidebooks, you’ll find transformative tools to deepen your healing journey.


You can read more information here. 

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