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The Crystal Light Healing for Lightworkers includes 10 transformative 1-on-1 90-min sessions.

Are you tired of staying at the edge of your potential?

The Crystal Light Healing is a game-changer. It is explicitly created for lightworkers who want to dive deeper into their authentic self and their purpose.

The curriculum of the Crystal Lightworker Healing is crafted based on my experience in guiding lightworkers. Over the 10 weeks, we’ll activate your highest potential and open you up to your spiritual gifts.

This is one of the paths of the embodiment of the soul.

It doesn’t matter if you just learned that you’re a lightworker or you’ve been on this path for years or decades. The Crystal Light Healing is a living school of light, and therefore it supports you at every level.

The Crystal Light Healing includes:

10 * 90-min healing experiences

10 guidebooks

Plus 2 bonuses



The Crystal Light Healing for Lightworkers includes the Gold Light Healing (5 sessions) plus 5 extra sessions and 2 bonuses.

The five additional sessions are:

Session 6: Accepting the Light and God

Together we heal and clear fears which don’t allow you to embody the light fully. Be ready for a massive shift.

Session 7: Special love and relationships

Your romantic life is the source of balance and stability. Yet without realizing it, there are many tricks that the ego uses against us to keep us from fully embodying our souls. I’ll help you see your relationship in a new light and help you release anything that is out of alignment with your purpose.

Session 8: Mastering your energy and receiving Christ Light

The Christ Light is a universal level of consciousness that I’ll help you to open up to and anchor it in your life. We’ll also address your sense of worth and help you master your energy in personal and spiritual life.

Additionally, I’ll teach you how you can help others (be it your family, strangers, or soul clients) without getting exhausted and overwhelmed. This will bring you liberation because you don’t need to worry about protecting yourself anymore.

Session 9: Deep Immersion

We go to the darkest places of your mind and soul and heal them. Those darkest places of the mind are strikingly similar from a lightworker to a lightworker, and until we bring these aspects to light, they hold us back.

Session 10: Your Light work: Let’s make it practical!

This is the time to make everything you’ve learned practical so that you can use it in your business or work. If you already have a business, I’ll show you how you can expand it. If you’re thinking about having a business, I’ll help you to seed the first steps that are aligned with your gifts. If you want to bring more light to your work or family or friends, I’ll help you see how to do that.

If you don’t need help with bringing your light to your work or business, we’ll use this session to help you embody your Light of your Soul, so it becomes a common part of your life.

In the 10 bonus guidebooks, you’ll find other transformative tools to deepen your healing journey.


  • A guided meditation album to strengthen the connection with your soul and inner guidance.
  • A recorded personal activation for opening you up to a new level in your life- this is the last step after finishing the Crystal Light Healing that will align you with the universal consciousness and prepare you for the next stage in your life.


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