Light Language Activation

Receive a personalized light language activation to unlock your highest potential. Based on your given name and your unique frequency, I’ll channel a light language activation for you. All you have to do is to listen to it whenever you feel like you want to tap into another level in your life.



How This Works

You’ll receive your light language activation within 7 working days since your order.

I’ll send the light language activation to you over WeTransfer as an MP3 file, which you can download to your computer or phone and start tapping into the higher frequency.


I’ll also use your given name pronounced in the light language. Therefore, make sure it’s spelled out correctly while making the order.


Specific activation

If you wish to activate and strengthen something else than your highest potential then you can reply to the confirmation email after making a purchase with your specification.



The light language contains light frequency, tones, sacred geometric patterns, and also the specific code of the given space-time continuum where the language of light is spoken. It’s also made of living light, which means that when you speak it, you interlace the unique expression of your true essence with your words.

The light language activation brings:

  • harmony
  • healing
  • increases the light quotient within your light bodies
  • activation of dormant light codes within your DNA
  • remembrance of your true self
  • higher frequency


You can read an article I wrote on the Light Language if you wish to learn more.

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