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Abundance Alchemy

The Abundance Alchemy Online Program is for souls who want to align with the 5D abundance consciousness, learn the quantum creations of prosperity, and lift off the projections and limitations around abundance.


The Abundance Alchemy includes:

14 Videos

5 Practical Transformative Tools

56-page Abundance Guidebook with tools and questions

Abundance Frequency Alignment Meditation

3.3 Hours of Content


It may be the case for you as well; I had struggled with the mind-oriented tools for manifesting more abundance.

Simply, it didn’t work for me because they are still rooted in 4D consciousness. All the X steps to manifesting, Think and Grow Rich and healing family patterns felt superficial. It felt as something infinite was taken and put into a box to create X amount of magical steps. It felt like force. And although it may bring temporary results, I knew that this wasn’t aligned with my soul. 

I’ve felt that something essential was missing and I knew that when I see the wholeness of abundance, everything will change. And then one February cold morning, it did.

My whole abundance paradigm has shifted within just a couple of minutes and it changed everything in my life, including my life purpose.

Then for years, I taught these tools and 5D principles to my clients, watching their faces and souls lighting up as this spoke their language and changed the way they view money for good.  I can’t put in words how much this 5D abundance is healing, nurturing, and rekindling fire within the heart. You have to experience it yourself. I truly believe that every lightworker should learn those principles. 

The Abundance Alchemy is a self-study material encoded in the 5D abundance consciousness.

This course is mainly for spiritual people, and lightworkers as what you’re going to learn are deeply rooted in higher consciousness, sovereignty, and the 5D nature of abundance together with practical tools of anchoring it in 3D.

You will likely hear things that you haven’t yet heard in relation to the abundance which I’ve seen have changed many people’s financial realities over the last couple of years where I privately taught those principles to my 1-on-1 clients.

I believe that abundance is here to support us living our highest potential. Therefore it’s vital that as many heart-centered people access abundance as possible to create a new collective paradigm. 

Although the course curriculum focuses on money, it opens the gates to prosperity on every level. It brings deep energy and soul healing too. It welcomes more ease and unity and helps reclaim your sacred relationship with money to support you in living your highest purpose. 


You’ll learn:

  • How to quantum create abundance. 
  • How to use abundance as a tool for your soul’s expansion. 
  • Divine principles of the 5D abundance alchemy, which I dare to say you haven’t heard of before. 
  • Sophia’s principles of abundance. 
  • How to create a sacred relationship with abundance.
  • 5 Practical tools to recode your abundance mindset and frequency. 
  • Increasing the upper limit of receiving. 
  • How to energetically open up to receiving prosperity. 
  • The real result of emotional spending. 
  • How money projections impact your abundance and how to take your power back.
  • The 4 key things that the energy of money teaches us about ourselves. 
  • Step more into your power.
  • How money relates to power, energy, and relationships. 


BONUS VIDEO: How to manifest a specific amount of money or increase your income.