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Welcome to my website! Dive deep into hundreds of free resources in the blog section. And explore my coaching services and the Lightworker Healing program if you’re ready to align with your higher self and unlocking your potential.

Embody Your Soul

Unlock your potential and step into the highest version of yourself!

Life Coach

Release everything that stands in the way to the highest version of you. Together, we’ll rewire your mind, heal your emotional wounds, and release stuck energy from your system.


Read a memoir of Sylvia Salow and walk your transformation journey alongside her. Or dive deep into understanding and rewiring your subconscious mind.

Public Speaker

Sylvia Salow gives speeches and workshops internationally on topics related to personal transformation, stepping into own power and potential, working with the energy body, or the soul’s journey.


Life Coach, Public Speaker, Author

I have started this blog and my business for two reasons:

1. To help you grow into your full potential by guiding you through your fears, blocks, and pain.

2. Guide you and help you to reunite with your inner guidance, with your Soul, and with God.

One gifted man who can read life’s purposes once told me that my life purpose is to understand and experience deep pain and then total absence of pain so I can heal others and guide them to do the same.

I know that I’m here to transform your fears and pains so you can grow into your full potential.


Lightworker Healing

How can you do what you were born to do without being afraid that you’re too much?

I’ll help you to liberate your true self and help you heal what stands in the way to your inner light.

Read more about Lightworker Healing.


Life Coaching

Help you to understand what is holding you back & move past any blocks.

Help you to reconnect with your soul.

Find out your passion and life calling.

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Published Books

Find inspiration, guidance, and many tools to reconnect with your soul.

Books will guide you to let go of your patterns, fears, and any limitations.

Read more about my books.


couple in the street holding each other

7 Ways How to Stop Losing Yourself in a Relationship

Are you losing yourself in a relationship? Most of us has experienced this not-so-nice form of a slow inner death. There is no shame about it. But if you’re losing yourself in a relationship, you have to control of the direction of your life. Read about the 7 ways how to change it.

woman jumping in white dress

Scared to Level Up Your Life? Read This.

The resistance to level up your life is a resistance to the call of your soul. Don’t postpone what is meant for you because of your subconscious fear.

woman in the ocean

3 Mind Shifts to Start Choosing Yourself

Choosing yourself can be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. But it’s the way to embody your purpose and highest potential. These are the 3 principles of choosing yourself.

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