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Sylvia Salow

7 Curious Ways to Raise Your Frequency Quickly

When you raise your frequency, you unlock new potentiality within the quantum fabric of the universe. If you diligently practice these 7 ways, you’ll be able to keep your frequency and keep it high.

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How to Let Go of Control by Trusting in Higher Power?

To invite ease and synchronicities into our lives, we need to learn to let go of control. Although control can bring us a false sense of security, it blocks our true potential. Read about 4 principles that will help you let go of control.

Overwhelmed by Too Many Ideas Right Now? Do This.

We get easily overwhelmed by too many ideas. However, most of them are distractions. Read about the 4 ways how to choose which dreams to follow. And where ideas originate from.

This Is Why Empaths Have Low Self-Confidence

Empaths have low self-confidence because they focus too much on others. While doing that, you can’t know who you are. You can’t know what is YOURS energy and what belongs to others.

3 Steps to Spiritual Discernment: the Ego vs. Soul’s Guidance

The spiritual discernment is one of the most important qualities that we should all strengthen. The gift of discernment has always been important but as we can now access any information, some of it might not come from the purest source or intentions.

6 Essential Practices to Find Inner Peace

We don’t find inner peace; we deliberately create it. There are proven ways how to find an inner peace that spiritual people have been using for thousands of years, and I will share these essential practices with you. 

Check Your Energy before Asking the Universe for Guidance

You’ve been probably asking the universe for guidance many times. Sometimes it works, yet every now and then it doesn’t and you wonder why. You may even think that the universe doesn’t care about you and you feel isolated. 

5 Tips to Access The Power of Your Presence

When you direct the stream of your consciousness toward your goals, it’s a matter of time when you achieve them. 

Without us realizing, one of the biggest issues is that we don’t stay present. It’s an endless list of things that can steal you of the power of your presence. Some of them are boredom, fear, tiredness, not knowing how to handle a situation, or feeling overwhelmed. 

How to Trust the Universe to Align With Your Highest Good

When we don’t trust the universe we unconsciously cut ourselves off the abundant flow. When we don’t trust the universe, we repel financial abundance, love, and even emotional and mental support of friends or family.

The Dark Night of the Soul: What You Need to Know

It’s like a ground shakes beneath our feet and we don’t know who we are anymore. The meaning of our previous life is gone. Unlike the depression, the Dark Night of the Soul is primarily an experience of our soul.

Spiritual Transition: 4 Tips When You Feel Stuck

Upon spiritual awakening, first we get high. Everything seems easy. Then we hit the spiritual transition plateau and doubt that we’ll ever see the light at the end of the tunnel. Here are 4 tips that may get you through.


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