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5 Key Steps on How to Find Yourself

How to find yourself and stand in your soul’s power? Let me guide you through my story and these 5 crucial steps to finding yourself.

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The 6 Secrets to Stop Dimming Your Light

From my experience of a spiritual coach, I share with you secrets to stop dimming your light. All of the 6 steps will help you to reclaim your inner light again.

an old happy woman smiling outdoor

5 Spiritual Tips on How to Be Happy In Life

Learning how to be happy is one of the greatest spiritual principles you can incorporate into your life. Sometimes we think that we need to do the right things and forget about our own happiness. This can’t be further from the truth! The universe wants you to be happy every single day.

Quantum Shifts: How to Shift Your Reality Fast?

Many people use quantum shifts to alter their realities and step into a better version of themselves. In this article, I’ll guide you through the process of making quantum shifts. 

woman sitting in desert at the sunset

This Is the Actual Reason You Keep Thinking About the Past

Although thinking about the past leads us to change the way we look at ourselves, it still has its value. When we can’t let go of something, there is deeper reason for it. Read about the spiritual perspective on thinking about the past.

man sitting in a meditation position in front of taj mahal

The 6 Levels of How to Access Your Higher Self

When you know how to access your higher self, you raise your consciousness, and consequently, you step more into your potential. 

Accessing your higher self and learning how to nurture this connection is the most practical thing you can do. It gradually improves every aspect of your life. 

How to Trust the Universe to Align With Your Highest Good

When we don’t trust the universe we unconsciously cut ourselves off the abundant flow. When we don’t trust the universe, we repel financial abundance, love, and even emotional and mental support of friends or family.


The Dark Night of the Soul: What You Need to Know

It’s like a ground shakes beneath our feet and we don’t know who we are anymore. The meaning of our previous life is gone. Unlike the depression, the Dark Night of the Soul is primarily an experience of our soul.

Spiritual Transition: 4 Tips When You Feel Stuck

Upon spiritual awakening, first we get high. Everything seems easy. Then we hit the spiritual transition plateau and doubt that we’ll ever see the light at the end of the tunnel. Here are 4 tips that may get you through.

man standing on a cliff surrounded by mountains

6 Tips on How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Don’t get disheartened when you sabotage yourself, we all do. Just keep moving towards your goals. When you want to get out of your comfort zone consciously, you’re retraining decades of your mind’s conditioning.

man standing in snow looking at mountain

6 Excuses That Stop You From Achieving Greatness

Achieving greatness is a highly individual process. For everyone, it means something different as we all bring unique visions to our planet. But we all have something in common, we stop ourselves before we even take the first step. Let’s break down some of your excuses for achieving greatness. 


Ascension Energies in a New Decade: It’s Time to Remember

The ascension energies 2019 will take you as high as you allow it. The ascension or spiritual awakening is a process of remembering your true self and letting go of past versions of you which no longer align with your core frequency.

a young man playing piano at the sunset

How the Fear of Your Potential Might Impact Your Life?

The fear of potential blocks people so much that they develop illnesses, financial problems, fights with their spouses, just anything so they don’t need to change. You spend so much extra energy on keeping you within the framework of […]

a red hair woman sitting on a bench in a swamp

4 Mindset Shifts to Overcome Challenges in Life

Don’t compare your life journey to someone else’s because you don’t know what others go through in reality. You might assume that you know, but it’s just nothing but the fantasies in your head.  The place you’re right now is the perfect place for you.


The 7 Chief Dynamics of the Lightworker Journey to Know

The lightworker journey is meant to grow you. Not always it is easy and sometimes you feel that you can’t take it anymore. Still, it’s worth every step. You don’t choose your mission; the mission chooses you. You’re here to follow the lightworker journey because there is no turning back.

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