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I'm Sylvia

My purpose is to help you REMEMBER your True Self.

Most people ask me where I get the information I share, and it comes from my remembrance. I’ve always remembered things from the times of Atlantis, ancient Egypt, Mayan and Aztec culture, and Lemuria. Those memories weren’t only from my journey but also the lives of my soul family. 

This remembrance has only deepened since. Now I understand how pivotal remembrance plays in everyone’s ascension journey.

For we’re merging with the higher dimensional aspects of ourselves, and doing it, we retrace our descension footsteps – the way we’ve descended into the 3D. 

Although I primarily work with my clients on the soul, quantum, and multidimensional levels, my work is also grounded and practical.

We’re here to embody our souls to such a degree that there isn’t a difference between the soul and the human self. 

I believe your soul has guided you to this place to reconnect with our larger soul family and help each other on the journey of remembrance and ascension. 

I’ve been shown repeatedly that our connecting in those virtual realms increases our individual Pillars of Light and makes the ascension easier.

Life Coach Sylvia Salow Smiling in the forest.

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