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Why Integrity is the Key to Mastering Your Self-Leadership

Practicing intentional, conscious self-leadership will skyrocket your spiritual growth and teach you a great deal about yourself. Self-leadership is the most accelerated and devotional path you can take, as it teaches you to see yourself as a sovereign being, unlocking your true potential. Self-leadership has so many aspects. I always say it’s a journey of refinement because the most minor tweaks can create the most significant results. However, I want to point out one of the key aspects of self-leadership – integrity.


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What Is Self-leadership

Self-leadership means intentionally becoming the highest version of yourself. Regardless of where we are, we can all be the leaders of our lives. Leadership isn’t about telling other people what to do. Instead, it’s an intentional and quiet inner journey of refinement and exploring our edges. It’s about continuously stepping into our potential, even though it’s limitless and the journey never ends.

Self-leadership is taking responsibility for our actions, thoughts, emotions, and decisions. It guides us to remember that we are sovereign beings and gradually begin to act like that. It’s about shedding the layers of conditioning and limitations to meet ourselves at our edges only to discover what we deemed a limit has transformed into a floor of our next level.

Self-leadership is about crafting your life with intention and turning every stone of your being to see what you’re actually made of. It’s the quiet journey of those who choose to lead themselves and consequently become the embodiment of their deepest values. Naturally, the energy of self-leadership is intoxicating. It magnetizes and activates other people, reminding them of who they are and what is possible. Yet, your focus as a leader is always to lead yourself first.

Integrity as a Gateway to Self-Leadership

One of the most attractive aspects of self-leadership is integrity. I call it sacred integrity because it restores a sense of reverence and sacredness to one’s life. Imagine a high priestess in an ancient temple. She is the embodiment and vessel of the divine. Her every move, gesture, and word is like a symphony for the soul. The high priestess lives in harmony with her innermost values. Therefore, anyone in her presence can feel a sense of sacredness. A remembrance that everything is sacred, and our choosing to embody that knowing restores the sacredness and harmony in the outer world.

Integrity means living in alignment with your values. Your soul, mental, emotional, and physical bodies are in coherence. Thus, the Source energy and your Spirit energy can flow through the four bodies without obstacles so you can create your life with potency and intention. If one of the bodies is out of sync with the others, integrity can help you close that gap.

Integrity also aligns the heart and the mind. From another perspective, integrity is a layer between the conscious and subconscious mind. It allows us to exercise free will by choosing whether to act on the things made conscious. You can make a different choice than what your thoughts and emotions tell you and stay aligned with your integrity.

Integrity and self-leadership are intrinsically linked. One can’t live without the other. Living in integrity naturally implies self-leadership. It simplifies life because you’re no longer internally split between different options. The one that is aligned with your integrity always wins. Imagine how easy your life could become if you always chose integrity. In my YouTube video below, I give examples of what it could look like.


Integrity Mirrors Your Evolution

Self-leadership is all about depth. Imagine you’re an ocean, and you continue diving deeper and deeper. Thus, self-leadership and integrity always grow. In the beginning, it can feel like heavy lifting—self-leadership being a strange alien concept. But later, self-leadership takes you on a journey of embodiment and paying attention to every moment as if it were your biggest teacher. You refine your thoughts and actions.


Your integrity grows alongside the evolution of your consciousness and the soul. What you considered okay to do a few years ago may not align with your integrity now.


Although your sense of integrity evolves alongside your spiritual evolution, you should always act from your integrity. Then your action will always have positive results – it allows you to grow – and you won’t create any inner split by feeling guilt or bad about something you said or did.

When looking at our Akashic records, the higher beings care about how refined our sense of integrity is. To them, all of us are spiritual babies expected to make mistakes. Yet, we are also expected to learn from those mistakes eventually. Your sense of integrity indicates how much you’ve changed over a lifetime and how well you listen to this inner guidance.

Developing our individual sense of right and wrong ensures that no one can force anything upon us. No one can really be forced to do the “right” things if we don’t feel it in the heart, at least not in the long term. Thus, integrity guides you to self-leadership and embody your purpose.


A Few Questions to Explore

You can use your sense of integrity as a gateway to self-leadership. If you’re unsure how to start, I invite you to look at where in your life you may be out of your integrity. Some situations can be easy to spot, and I invite you to go even deeper. Think in terms of refinement. Let’s say that you find out that keeping some unresolved situations in your life doesn’t feel aligned with your integrity. Maybe you feel you need to say something to someone or draw a clear boundary. Perhaps you find that procrastinating on essential things doesn’t meet your values and the vision of who you want to become. 


What are your core values? 

Do you have integrity in your life in different situations?

Are those situations aligned with your values?

What would your higher consciousness decide is the right thing to do in the situations you struggle with? 

Where are your heart and mind out of alignment, and how can you bring them back? 


Take small, consistent action once you know what is aligned for you. Self-leadership isn’t about changing your entire life overnight. Instead, it’s what you do the majority of the time that counts. Practice daily embodiment and watch your life transform gradually.


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