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How to connect with your soul

6 Proven Tips to Connect with Your Soul Consciously

If there is one essential spiritual practice, it’s connecting with your soul consciously. When you are one with your soul, everything flows in your life. Things have magical solutions and feel effortless. Your body and mind thrive, too. Your heart is spacious, warm, and open. You are full of ideas, and creativity beams out of your pores.

Hence, connecting with your soul is likely what you’ve been searching for without realizing it. The good news is that it only takes commitment and practice. Upon spiritual awakening, the ego continues shedding layers to connect with your soul and let the soul guide you. It happens naturally, yet you can consciously cultivate your relationship with your soul.

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Meet the Soul

The soul is the limitless essence that experiences life through you. It seeks to become embodied through us and experience everything to the fullest. Although we have more aspects – the mental and emotional bodies, the Higher Self, and the Spirit – the soul is evolving through our experience. Thus, we’re “perfect” at the level of the Spirit, but the soul is evolving and growing.

On the descension journey, we’ve developed the ego that allows the soul to meet the soul’s objectives. The ego serves the soul to make the soul’s intentions come true. And yet, as we all know, the ego can also easily take over and think it is in charge. When you consciously connect with your soul, the ego takes a back seat upon some initial fight. The ego then follows the soul’s guidance and becomes an ally.

When you truly meet your soul, it will guide you to purge anything that has created the illusion of separation between you and the soul. The soul will then guide you to work with any wounds from your most important lifetimes to help you reach your fullest potential. The soul will continue awakening you to higher levels of realization that you’re an infinite being. As if you had only fallen asleep, you’re now remembering who you truly are.

Below are six tips on connecting with your soul. Those tips may sound trivial because we work on the soul level with much lighter frequency; it doesn’t feel like lifting heavy weights. And yet, most people don’t do those things consistently. If you make these simple practices a part of your daily life, you’ll stay connected with your soul consciously.

1. Cultivating the Higher Heart Chakra

If you experience the higher heart chakra awakening, it becomes easier to connect with your soul. The initial ignition of the higher heart chakra is strong, and after some time, the body adjusts. When the heart chakra is open, you feel an expanded field of energy emanating from your chest. In the beginning stages of the higher heart chakra awakening, you likely need to heal emotionally before feeling the stable expanded energy.

Some people can feel the higher heart chakra growing weaker as if it is shutting down again. Therefore, it’s essential to keep working with the higher heart chakra and keep it open upon activation.


When your higher heart chakra awakens and you learn to keep the spacious energy of the heart stable, your connection to your soul strengthens, too. 


To connect with your soul, check in with your higher heart chakra daily to see what it feels like energetically. Listen to whether your higher heart chakra has a message for you. Imagine bringing your consciousness into your heart, and instead of thinking with the mind, feel with the higher heart chakra. One of the best ways to connect with your soul is to do a daily higher heart chakra meditation.


2. Cultivating the Soul Moments

Another way to connect with your soul is to create soul moments consciously. You’ve likely experienced many soul moments. They happen naturally when we’re connected with the soul. Soul moments can also be consciously crafted. You can prioritize them and coach yourself out of creating distractions. 


When you connect with your soul, your life flows. Everything falls effortlessly in place. You experience a lot of synchronicity and many forms of richness and abundance. 


You may feel connected to your soul when you watch the sunset and feel peaceful and content. Or when you gaze in the eyes of a beloved one. These can be fleeting moments, but you can learn to hold those moments longer. Crafting soul moments is a matter of willpower and choice. If the ego or unprocessed emotions trigger the soul moments, do some inner work and return to cultivating a peaceful presence.


3. The Ever-Present Undercurrent of Everything

An essential key to connecting with your soul consciously is feeling and remembering the ever-present undercurrent of everything. If your soul could speak, she would love you to know that there is always an undercurrent of love, health, abundance, and beauty available to you at every moment.

When things flow in your life, you’re tapped into this undercurrent. On the other hand, when things don’t flow, it’s likely because you’re too much in your mind. Maybe you worry, have doubts, overthink everything, or you’re simply busy and don’t have a sense of spaciousness. Then, it feels more challenging to tap into the ever-present undercurrent of love, health, and abundance. And yet, it is still there.


The universe has no scarcity; it only exists in our minds. 


You were connected with your soul during the “best” moments of your life. And yet the magic wasn’t the place or the company you were with; it was about you. You’ve allowed yourself to be connected to the undercurrent of the divine energy.

This tip to connect with your soul is easy yet the most difficult one. It’s about allowing yourself to receive abundance in all its forms. The soul doesn’t need you to figure something out; it wants you to receive what is. This is a doorway to 5D consciousness, where you become magnetic and let goodness come to you.

Magnetic receiving from this ever-present undercurrent is one shift in perception and yet one of the most significant quantum leaps we can take.


4. A Sense of Magic

To connect with your soul, remember the childlike playfulness and a sense of magic. Consciously create those joyful, light moments. As adults, we tend to overcomplicate everything because we’ve often been disappointed. As children, our hearts and minds knew no limits. Everything you dreamed about felt within your reach. This is the natural state of the soul. It all exists just one conscious decision away.

And yet, later, you’ve likely got discouraged when what you want doesn’t work out. But you must rekindle your sense of magic to connect with your soul. If you have children, let them remind you of what it feels like. Let yourself be sometimes “silly” and playful. Think about how you can do things joyfully and make them easier.


When you feel joyful and playful, you’re at the same frequency as your soul. 


A sense of magic is the remembrance of what is possible. It’s knowing that you’re the child of God and you’re here to experience life in many forms. To connect with your soul, let yourself dream because if you can’t dream it up, how can it possibly come true?


5. Creativity

One of the fastest ways to connect with your soul is creativity. Everyone is creative at their core. No matter what a high school teacher told you. The key to unlocking creativity is not to judge what comes through you. The purpose is to stay in the creativity flow, not to create something perfect.


The more you create, the more creative ideas you receive. 


One of the fun things about creativity is that it will guide you to your soul’s purpose. So, if you’re unsure of your purpose, let yourself create something every day. Do the things you’ve always dreamed of doing. Rekindle the sense of aliveness, and your purpose will crystallize.


6. Talking with Your Soul

To connect with your soul, remember your soul’s frequency. The above tips should give you an idea of when you’re likely connected with your soul. This is your soul’s frequency. Anchor this frequency into your body. Remember it so that you can tap into it just by recalling it. Learn to hold those moments longer using the tips above.

Once you’ve tapped into your soul’s frequency, you can talk to the soul through your heart, mind, or journaling. You can also sit in your soul’s frequency, harmonizing your subtle bodies. You can also speak with your soul by asking questions. You can try different ways of communicating with your soul and see what works best for you. The key is to first be in your soul’s frequency and then ask questions. 


The more you talk to your soul, the stronger the connection grows. 


When you’re in the soul’s frequency, you can write down a question for your soul and then let your soul answer through writing. The more you practice this, the easier it becomes. Focus on the feeling rather than thinking when you’re in the soul’s frequency. Trust what comes through. Free-write until you learn to discern when your soul speaks to you.



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