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5 Soul Ways How to Unblock Throat Chakra

In this article, you’ll find five ways how to unblock throat chakra. Why is speech sometimes so difficult? We learn to talk as small children and use the voice daily, yet many people feel throat chakra blockages. How can something so natural sometimes be so misapplied and misunderstood? You may find this article useful if you’re on a spiritual journey. I don’t talk about using crystals or mantras, although that can help to an extent. Instead, I want us to look at a deeper layer of finding the proper resonance with the throat chakra. I invite you to reflect on the five topics that will help unblock throat chakra if you work further with them.


How to Unblock Throat Chakra

There is no quick fix on how to unblock throat chakra. Instead, it’s a journey of self-discovery, for the voice expresses our true frequency. To use the power of the voice, one must know themselves. Because we don’t only communicate words, but we also express our essence. Nothing is more hurtful than sharing your heart and truth and not being understood by others.

The voice can create unison and connect people or separation. It can be a tool for judgment and littleness or an instrument of your mighty I AM Presence. How we use our voices says much about who we are, what our fears are, what we’re channeling into this reality, and what our future will be like. It’s a snapshot of where the soul and Spirit stand in the evolution journey. The voice boxes are a translation tool from higher dimensions to lower ones. 

To truly unblock throat chakra, I invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery. To know your heart, deepest intentions, your soul’s journey, and where you’re headed. Remember, there are no quick fixes, and neither should we desire them because it’s like building a house on a sandbank; it’s only a matter of time before it will collapse.

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1. The Throat Chakra Commands Your Frequency

The first way how to unblock throat chakra is to take ownership of your frequency. When we speak, the throat chakra releases vibrations into space, subsequently attracting things into our lives. We send out frequency constantly, and that frequency becomes our destiny. We create either limitations or expansion and new opportunities through the throat chakra. When you’re in charge of the vibration of your life, you can command your reality through your words. But if someone else controls your vibration, you’re not in the creator energy and fall back to the pervasive victim archetype.


Who owns your voice? 

Who do you let speak through you? Is it the opinions of others? Do limitations and fear speak through you? Or does your Higher Self speak through you? 

What and who does speak through you? 


If you care more about what people think of you than being authentic, you rent them space in your throat chakra and let them command your vibration. This is the surest way to block throat chakra. But how can you know who you are when you create a reality polluted by other people’s opinions? Likely that is not why you’re here. Therefore, to unblock the throat chakra, we need to find an alignment between the heart, the Higher Self, and the throat chakra and let that speak through us.

2. You’re Not Here To Be Liked

The second way how to unblock throat chakra is to realize that you’re not here to be liked; you’re here to create an impact by being you. When you know who you are and stand behind what you say, then what you say is powerful. Saying what people want to hear creates a level of superficiality in relationships. It doesn’t serve anyone to say something untrue to buy their likeness.


If others can’t handle the truth, they’re bound to live in lies, which is their building block for life. Because of their choice, you don’t need to bend your reality and speak inauthentically. 


Here, I want to add a little side note. To speak your truth, you need to know who you are. Saying things out loud for the sake of saying something isn’t wise. The throat chakra teaches us moderation. It teaches us to know when to speak, what to say, and with what intensity. If this foundation is there, then what you say always creates an impact. Your voice becomes an extension of your Higher Self.


3. Intention Is Everything

The third way how to unblock throat chakra is to set a clear intention for what you speak. Before we even open our mouths, communication happens in the higher energy and spiritual bodies. You can visualize it like an energy vortex spiraling down from the Higher Self to the crown, third eye, and throat chakra. Communication begins with the intention that helps us to articulate things with precision, clear direction, and impact. 


The intention doesn’t need to be perfect. But as much as we humanly can, we should always strive to set pure, clear intentions.


One thing that a queen or king do is that they elevate everything in their presence. The queen and king is the symbol of the Christ Self. The queen and king set clear intentions because they aren’t here to create any random frequency and reality. They’re here to build their queen/kingdom. They’re here to lead by becoming humble servants to a higher good. And it is this level of consciousness that unblocks the throat chakra. (You can learn about the queen and king consciousness here).


4. Silence

The fourth way how to unblock throat chakra is to know the power of silence. Silence is as important as using your words. When you listen, you can stay present with what is truly happening. You can see the realities of others and where they come from. You can understand what people want from you and what they want to co-create or not. This establishes a solid foundation for meaningful communication. Only when you’re silent you learn to discern how to use your voice.


To become a powerful speaker, you have to become an excellent listener.

By listening, you learn when to speak, what to say, with what intensity, how much to share, when to remain silent, and the right timing. 


To unblock throat chakra, look also at the places where you don’t feel comfortable being silent. Maybe one of your parents didn’t talk much as you were growing up. To feel any connection with them, you felt like you had to say something even if you didn’t want to. And you carried this habit into adulthood, believing you must fill up every silent moment because it’s your way to get their approval and love – just like with your parent. Watch the related video above to learn more about what to share with others. 


So much happens in the gaps between the words, in the gaps between the conversations. This is where the conversation begins. 


5. Work On Your Higher Heart Chakra

The last way how to unblock the throat chakra is to awaken the higher heart chakra. When energy flows from the higher heart chakra to your throat chakra, people can digest what you say much better. On the other hand, if you say something true but there is no love and compassion in it, it comes off as harsh and intrusive. It can even harm the other person because they aren’t ready for what you say, and you didn’t offer them any medicine to be able to take it in.

The love from the higher heart chakra envelops your words in a fluid, silky texture with no hard edges. Then, even if your words are challenging to hear, they’ll be received well. We can’t cut off the heart from the communication. Thus work on the connection between the heart and the throat chakras. Can you feel expansive energy rising from the heart to your throat chakra as you speak? 

When the heart is involved in communication, even if you think you should have said something better, the essence is always there. And people will get it; they’ll feel your heart as you speak.


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