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spiritual meaning of an eclipse

The Spiritual Meaning of an Eclipse You Should Know

Have you ever wondered what the spiritual meaning of an eclipse is? A solar and lunar eclipse happens on average twice yearly, profoundly impacting our psyche and soul’s journey. They act as powerful catalysts for anything that needs to be released to become more like our solar Higher Self. When we consciously work with the eclipse energies, we can end many lunar patterns and transmute them. The spiritual meaning of an eclipse is the journey of bridging the lower and Higher self. It’s like a mini graduation ceremony to take us to the next level.


What Is the Spiritual Meaning of An Eclipse?

A solar eclipse means the moon gets between the Earth and the Sun and eclipses light from the sun. The lunar eclipse happens when the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow and becomes invisible.

To understand the spiritual meaning of an eclipse, we first need to talk about the spiritual symbolism of the sun and the moon. The sun and the moon are one of the most used spiritual symbols across cultures. We’ve been using them for as long as we can remember and still some more. Many structures are devoted to measuring the equinoxes and celestial alignments of the sun and the moon, including Stonehenge. Why have people always been mesmerized by the sun and the moon?

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Spiritual Symbolism of the Sun

To decode the spiritual meaning of a solar eclipse, we first have to understand the symbology of the sun. The sun represents the conscious mind. It’s the center point of the micro-universe within us, observing all thoughts, experiences, and emotions. The sun is the inner observer – the beam of consciousness that illuminates everything.


The sun also represents the Higher Self and Christ Self. On the ascension journey, we aim at becoming the sun – we become the inner Christ.


The Higher Self is the wise, serene aspect within us overlooking our soul’s journey. It’s the focal point of our being. Likewise, the sun is the first place of the individuation where we can think of the origins of the “I.” I recommend reading my other article on the difference between the soul, the Higher Self, and the I AM Presence.

Just like the sun beaming its light, we change the current along the ascension journey. Instead of consuming and reflecting a borrowed light as the moon does, we radiate our inner light. In nature, gold represents the sun for its lack of a chemical change or decomposition, which represents the unchangeable aspect of us. The sun transmits solar-spiritual energy, allowing us to resurrect and ascend.


The Spiritual Symbolism of the Moon

To understand the spiritual meaning of a lunar eclipse, we need to look at the symbology of the moon. The moon represents the subconscious mind. The lower self receives the solar energy from its Higher Self to be transmuted. The moon depicts the astral light, where it twists the truth and creates illusions. Since we only have available the reflected light, we need to learn to discern information.

As the subconscious mind, the moon speaks in the language of symbols. When we have spiritual visions, we need to understand the symbolic meaning of the information. Decoding symbols helps one’s consciousness not to get lost in the astral realm but continue its sojourn to the sun and the Higher Self.

The moon also governs the emotions, the inner life of the soul, and psychic abilities. When someone is psychic, they work in the land of the symbols. On the other hand, a seer can see things as they are – the sun’s sphere already illuminates their spiritual vision.

Two Spiritual Energies Present at An Eclipse

The spiritual meaning of an eclipse is that it’s a time of profound realizations, quantum leaps, and intensified shadow. For a short time, we can see the next level of ourselves. We receive potent visions and insights – another step in the embodiment of the Higher Self. However, as the moon eclipses the sun, we also meet our shadows and unresolved karma.


Stuck in A Loop?

The spiritual meaning of a lunar eclipse is to witness our shadow and limiting patterns. Perhaps you’ve noticed a significant shift in your life around the eclipses. Maybe you’ve noticed that the eclipse season brings pressure to relationships and jobs. Take a look at the past couple of eclipses and see what the recurring limiting patterns are. You may be faced with old beliefs and past versions of you that you believe you’ve outgrown, yet here there are again. If you look at the previous six months when the last eclipse occurred, recall what limiting patterns were present in your life. Those outdated beliefs want to be released with the eclipse energy; therefore, they become intensified.


What recurring lessons do the eclipses bring?
What karma can’t you seem to break free from? 
If you mastered those lessons, who could you become? 


Say that you face the same old fear of being visible as a lightworker every six months. During the eclipse, this fear gets intense, and you may sabotage yourself. Or maybe you’re stuck in some karmic pattern with other people. Notice if there is someone who contacts you during the eclipse time. Similarly, you can feel the call to contact someone else. If someone comes to your mind repeatedly with the eclipse energy, the karma wants to be released.


The loop shows you where the lower self, represented by the moon, wants to meet the Higher Self carried by the solar codes. 


The true spiritual meaning of an eclipse is alchemy. We can transmute the lower self and align it with the Higher Self so we don’t fall back into the old default behavior. The solar light propels our ascension journey, offering us a window to make a quantum leap.


When the Solar Codes Are Absent

The spiritual meaning of an eclipse is that the lower self doesn’t receive the solar Christ codes. This is significantly intensified around the solar eclipse. For a while, we don’t receive our usual influx of energy coming from the Higher Self. This is why it can feel like being cut off in a strange vacuum.

This is an opportunity to show and embody what we’ve learned. During the solar eclipse, we don’t receive the solar Christed codes. Therefore, life can feel extremely challenging during that time. The lesson here is to act as the Higher Self without having spiritual support. 


How much light can you anchor on your own? This will serve as your new foundation for the next solar-lunar cycle.
Is the lower self ready to act as the Higher Self now?
What do you do when you don’t receive the solar Christ codes – do you default to the old self or rise with this energy? 


The Elevation

Not to end things on a negative note, the spiritual meaning of an eclipse is also the illumination of your highest path. It’s the next patch of your soul’s path ahead of you. During the eclipse season, you may receive visions, ideas, and dreams and be excited about new opportunities. You can see what is possible if you transmute your lower self.

The challenges related to what you need to release and integrate to step into the next version of yourself. Therefore, pay attention to the ideas because the Higher Self asks you to embody this. Naturally, we can work on embodying certain aspects of the Higher Self over several eclipses. Each time, we receive emanation that propels our steps for the next stretch of the spiritual path.

Check this resource if you want to receive step-by-step guidance on embodying your highest path. 

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