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What You Need to Know About Past Life and Generational Curses

Has Someone Cursed You?

Many generational curses are running down the family lineages. Although it may be difficult to spot whether you’ve been cursed, it’s a little easier with generational curses. If you know your ancestors’ stories and notice some strange wave of bad luck, it can be a generational curse. Besides the generational curses, some took place in another lifetime. And they still impact the soul. In fact, this is what I’ve witnessed working with lightworkers. Some times in history were fertile for cursing people and misusing spiritual powers. Some of those periods happened in ancient Egypt, but few places remained immune to the low astral magic.

I wrote this article mainly to tell you that you’re not alone if you are cursed. And eventually, breaking those curses will force you to become stronger. As you might have to access some information from different lives and activate certain gifts. Or simply through strengthening your solar plexus, which usually suffers the most if someone gets cursed. This article doesn’t provide ways to break curses because the solution depends on the individual case. Unfortunately, there isn’t one fit all solution.

That being said, it always helps to strengthen your connection to your soul and Higher Self. And learn to forgive and nurture your higher heart chakra. When one is forgiving and opens the gates of true compassion and love in the heart, the higher heart will clear out those curses. Of course, this is a long journey, but it’s a journey that works and makes us stronger as we walk it.

Types of Curses

Some curses are personal, meaning they are directed only at you and can’t affect anyone else in your life. We may carry a personal curse from a different life too. Again, this can be fairly common, especially for lightworkers. However, please, keep in mind that we can’t blame some lack of inner work on curses. Be really intuitive here and listen to the heart, not your fear to determine whether this may be the case for you.

Then there are generational curses that are unfortunately very common. In the case of a generational curse, one of your ancestors was cursed, and the spell doesn’t allow the descendants to break free from negative patterns. An example of a generational curse is a couple of generations going through bankruptcy. Or there might be a strange illness or accident impacting the males or females in the family. It may also manifest as the spouses of the women from the same family lineage die young or go through an illness.

The way a generational curse manifests depends on its nature. Usually, there is a very specific intention behind a curse. So one can thrive in many areas of life, but nothing seems to work out in that one aspect. When spotting the generational curses, look for the evidence. If it’s possible, ask your parents about the lives of your ancestors, and do some research. This can also be done through ancestral healing if it’s not an option or family constellations.

The last group is collective curses directed at a whole tribe, community, or village. Thus the collective curse impacts hundreds or thousands of people at once. These types of curses were sometimes used in history. Those impacted groups find each other every lifetime and try to work it out together. Each of them holds a piece of a puzzle.

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Karmic Entanglement

What happens when someone curses you? If you were cursed, you’d experience the same looping pattern even spanning a lifetime. However, the other person will experience it too. The person or group who cursed you becomes karmically entangled with you. They can’t evolve and move further as long as the curse is in play. Not only that, but their psychic abilities degenerate. It may even happen that an oracle cursed someone, and in this life, they work spiritually with people, but they no longer have oracle gifts.


Magnetic On and Off Attraction

When you meet someone who cursed you, it may feel like you’re magnetically drawn to them or they to you. The mind can get obsessed thinking about the other person even if the heart tells you to stay away. One can feel something very dark in the other person, yet they stay in touch. Usually, the solar plexus chakra will work overtime, and one can even feel pain in the chakra. The person who cursed you will feel magnetically pulled to you, but they also feel they need to stay away. Just like you feel that too.

The reason for this karmic connection between the one who was cursed and who misused the spiritual powers is that their souls need to resolve the issue. On the soul level, you both have to learn from the experience. And as I mentioned above, the one who cursed someone experiences a loss of their psychic powers. In this life, they may be attracted to spirituality, but nothing seems to flow.


On the soul level, the one who cursed you wants you to liberate yourself from the curse because they can’t move on in their life. 


It may look like you met a friend with whom you feel very close, but they secretly envy you, copy you, and hate you. They try to be friendly, but you don’t feel it’s genuine – there always seems to be some hidden agenda. On the surface, everything may look well, but you sense something dark in them. Those people are never happy for you, and there is typically strong envy. Yet they want to be around you, or they follow your life from a distance on social media and can’t let go of it.

Curse Can’t Be Taken to the Next Cycle

Life will send you clues to help you break the curse. Typically, many signs show you how to break free. If it’s a collective or generational curse, one might have to meet other people to decode what happened. Remember that everything wants you to become free. The universe (aka your Higher Self) will send you clues and conspire situations and people to find freedom.

A curse can’t be taken into the next planetary cycle. Curses have a half-life; they are limited by time and naturally dissolve. Right now, we’re at the cusp of a new planetary cycle; therefore, there is a strong push to clear out everything.


Accessing Your Soul’s Power

As generational curses and those from past lives naturally dissolve, we can access more of our soul’s power. The soul’s energy that was trapped by the curse reunites with you. As it naturally disintegrates, you feel more ease, flow, better health, love, and abundance coming your way. But the biggest difference can be seen in your personal energy.

If you’re working out curses on your own, the best solution you can’t ever go wrong with is to ignite your higher heart chakra. Also, learn to trust your intuition about people. If you’re in touch with someone who cursed you, nothing will flow when you’re in contact with them. It may even seem like things are getting worse, even though before you met them, your life flowed nicely.


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