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opportunity window of divine timing

Should You Wait for the Divine Timing? Master the Opportunity Windows

Is there such a thing as divine timing? Why does it sometimes feel like things flow beautifully, while some manifestations require force and struggle? Why does it sometimes feel that we are out of alignment with the time and the universal matrix? Learn how personal and planetary cycles align to open windows of opportunity.


Personal Cycles and Divine Timing

The divine timing creates the perfect circumstances to act or attract the right people and opportunities. Yet, the divine timing isn’t accidental. It’s made by our personal cycles, the planetary cycles, and their alignment. In addition, we can also create the feeling of divine timing through our willpower and alignment with our soul’s power. Yet, in this article, I want to focus on personal cycles.

Everyone operates within their cycles. We’re supposed to work on specific soul lessons within each cycle and master some gifts. When the personal cycle peaks, it creates the feeling of divine timing. Divine timing brings a sense of fluidity, ease, lightness, and luck into our lives. Things move fast, and they feel effortless.


Within our personal cycles, we focus on various lessons, skills, gifts, healing, and mastery. 


The most typical personal cycle lasts one year between birthdays. Every year initiates us into a different flavor of healing and mastery. If we learn those lessons specific to our solar cycles, we move into the next birthday year with a clean slate and ready to take on new tasks. But it usually doesn’t quite work that way, and we carry unfinished things from the previous year and get the new ones on top of it. If this happens, one can feel a sense of inner tension or pressure. We can’t escape the internal feeling that we should have already finished or mastered something, that we’re out of sync with the divine timing. In some cases, it may be obvious what these lessons are, and sometimes it’s just a vague feeling.

Other personal cycles last 7 and 9 years. During those longer cycles, we go through a complete renewal. We may not recognize the person we were 7 or 9 years ago. Even our physical appearance can change as it reflects the changes within the etheric body. Those longer cycles correspond to different spiritual bodies, and we access a new level of consciousness, moving from the physical to the emotional, mental, soul, and so on.

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How Personal Cycles Align with the Planetary Cycles

The personal cycles align with the planetary cycles. This alignment creates unique opportunity windows during which it’s easy to quantum jump into an entirely new level. An opportunity window is a time of rapid acceleration. The window can be open for a couple of weeks or months, sometimes longer. During an opportunity window, we’re supposed to bring through a particular dream, develop a skill, take massive action, etc. When we use this divine timing to act, things move almost effortlessly. We meet the right people, gather the resources we need, and create what we’re meant to. It feels like the whole universe conspires to support us. And it does.


What Happens When the Window Closes?

On the other hand, if we don’t act on the opportunity windows, life may feel stuck. We face many challenges to push us into the right action. And we have to finance the move from our personal energy of the solar plexus and sacral chakra rather than ride the quantum wave. It also may happen that we’re not supposed to bring that idea or dream into our lives anymore. Or it may be the case that we have to wait for a new opportunity window to open.


When we’re out of the divine timing, we get limited results, and it all feels like a struggle. As if we can’t push through an invisible ceiling.

Three Activations

Before the divine timing of the opportunity window comes, we go through a period of realignment. The realignment usually happens in 3 waves when different things are brought to our attention that we should heal, integrate, or master. We might also need to meet new people or learn new skills. The three waves of activations prepare you to have everything you need to take advantage of the opportunity window. During the preparation period, the spiritual guides work more closely with you, and synchronicity increases.


If we align with the divine timing through the opportunity windows, the whole experience adds to the soul’s vibrancy. 


Making the best out of the divine timing is like a badge of honor for the soul. Your spirit team cheers us on, and the whole experience is marked as a success and adds to our merit. When we don’t act on it, we feel a sense of failure. We can feel we lack behind and out of alignment with the time. It’s too late.


And What About the Divine Timing of the Big Dreams?

Based on our soul contract, we can also bring through big dreams whose fulfillment unfolds over a lifetime. We receive an impulse, a new skill, and an experience during each opportunity window that adds to the big dream. Say that you’re a healer. In your twenties, there might be a strong push towards healing yourself. During the next opportunity window, you develop some skills for healing others. In yet another window, you strengthen the foundation of your healing work to serve more people.

Similarly, we can also not act in alignment with the divine timing. In that case, the things we’re supposed to bring through layer up, causing tension and a feeling of “it’s too late; it’s overwhelming.” And it becomes more challenging to act on it later, or you need a specific skill but don’t have the time to master it.



Use your ability to sense the energy when the divine timing happens. When the opportunity window is open, do anything to utilize it to the maximum. Finalize things not the perfection standards of the ego but based on what the higher heart chakra tells you. Trust that random things will come together. The seemingly unrelated interest will eventually support each other. Also, notice when it’s time to let go of things. Some windows are time-sensitive, while others will lead to the big dream.


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