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Energy Reading 2023: Close the Gaps and Move Into Excellence

Here is an energy reading for 2023; I tapped into the main dynamics for the whole year of 2023. The topics are final release, closing the gap between where you are and where you are meant to be, and excellence. Naturally, this is the collective energy reading for 2023, which can vary for everyone. However, there is a gentle yet strong emphasis on lightworkers to do deep healing work on themselves, so they’re ready to step up and support the collective.


Energy Reading for 2023: Final Release

The overall theme for the energy reading for 2023 is “final release.” Now is the time to look at your foundations. We need to have a firm footing for what’s yet to come. So that the default state where we fall when under stress or when facing a challenge is ease and spaciousness. Anything unresolved will cause more problems in the future. It’s time to do a final release of deep mental, emotional, and soul patterns that make us work at a lesser capacity than our true selves would.

Many of you reading my blog are lightworkers. You help your family and community. You’re a resource of healing, light, and higher consciousness. To ease this journey, it’s essential to embody a state of true soul alignment. So that your task doesn’t feel like a heavy burden. To find that level of alignment, we need to fine-tune all the subtle energy dynamics in our being that pull us into a different frequency than what the true self operates on.


It’s essential to let go of the last debris to be ready to start with a clean slate when you are asked to step up as a lightworker. 


When you commit to the final release, we clear away even ancestral and ancient soul patterns. The point we call the now is an opening to releasing ancient soul wounds. The higher frequency and consciousness need spaciousness within the being. Whatever the shadow is, it keeps pulling us into a lower state of consciousness. The shadow manifests through distractions, illnesses, tension in relationships, not having clarity about what we want, etc.

The final release is about looking closely at what still needs healing, integration, and alignment. Healing happens in layers, we clear one, and later we return to the same issue and meet it at a deeper layer. There might be something you’ve been healing for a while, and thought was done. Or there is something you’ve been avoiding looking at because it makes you feel uncomfortable, you want to ignore it, and it feels easier to focus on healing other issues or healing other people.

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Don’t Assume You Healed It If Your Reality Tells You Different

The energy of 2023 shows that we need to be completely honest with where we’re in our healing journey. And this will help us to achieve excellence and turn our deepest dreams into reality. We can assume we’ve healed something, but if fact shows us differently, then there is still some healing, understanding, and integration to be done. I invite you to look at your life, relationships, and work and notice what manifests.

Write down everything that you see isn’t yet in a way your soul would like it to be. Of course, there is a time delay between shifting something internally before it manifests in our reality. But deep down, you can feel whether something is on its way to change for the better or it is still a pattern that shows up in your life. So, don’t just think something has shifted. Instead, close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Here is a step-by-step process of how you can do it using the quantum shifting method.


Fine Tune Your Life

It’s time to fine-tune the things you’ve been working on and step into mastery and excellence – see what you need to heal or what you need to embody. It’s time to make everything 100% clear. It’s time to take action, especially with the things you’ve been wondering about for a while. We close the gap between you and the ideal version of yourself, which will bring excellence. And we also close the gap between the healing and where it doesn’t yet match the reality.

Exhaustion and Overwhelm

It’s through long-term overwhelm that the low pattern shows up. Think about when you felt long-term exhaustion and recall what negative patterns and inspiring ideas to change your life showed up. Let’s say that you became clear that you need to take more time for your family, to travel, rest, or you need to change a job.


These glimpses can significantly improve life if we act on them. And the energy of 2023 offers a perfect ground to take those steps towards what we desire.


If you feel exhausted now, I suggest doing these three steps in this order. First, rejuvenate your energy. If you feel overwhelmed, it’s not the best time to make life-changing decisions or even push yourself to receive deep insights. Instead, surrender to that state where you are and build up your energy. For most people, it helps to have some routine that doesn’t feel too tight and go back to the basics. By basics, I mean the things that always helped you feel better in the past. It can be yoga, walking during daylight, reading a book, or watching comedy.

Once you have the energy, think about what you need to let go of from your life. What does take your energy and time and isn’t aligned with who you want to become? The last step is to act. If you do the first two steps, clarity and inspiration will arrive.



Along the final release, make the changes that will bring you further in life. It’s time to be courageous and to put in motion the things you’ve been dreaming about for a while now. The energy of 2023 says it’s a year of growth, healing, and changes.

What changes would create more time, energy, more alignment in your life?
What changes will create the most significant impact in your life?
And what support do you need to create those changes?

We’re not islands; we’re meant to create a web of support to become the best version of ourselves. Allow other people to support you while making those changes.

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